Bell joins Cubs coaching staff

The Reds will be looking for a new manager at Triple-A Louisville. On Tuesday, the Cubs named David Bell as the third base coach on their big league staff under Dale Sveum.

Bell, 40, spent four seasons in the Reds organization. His first three were as manager at Double-A Carolina and last season at Louisville, which had a 51-93 record in 2012.

The move doesn’t seem too stunning as it gives Bell a shot at a big league coaching job right now. Since the Reds retained their entire coaching staff for 2013, and manager Dusty Baker for two more seasons, there were no openings for Bell to get a promotion.


Good for Bell and good for the Reds. Now they can move Rick Sweet back to being the Mgr at Louisville where he belongs.

I liked David Bell, to bad he is leaving our organization. The reds organization probably didn’t fight to hard to keep him around after Louisville’s season but that wasn’t his fault the major league team depleted all the talent at AAA level.

Rick Sweet is awesome also. I often thought he would be the next Red’s manager.

OK, I give up – how does a minor league manager who has never won at any level get PROMOTED??

Do you think going from a AAA coach to a Major League Third Base coach is a promotion?

Of course it is Curt! Not only is it more pay but you get a slice of the playoff money as well. You get recognized easier by other teams. It is like making it to the show one more time.

It’s not a promotion and it is a shortsighted move on David Bell’s part if he ever wants to manage at the big league level. When’s the last time you heard of a third base coach being made manager?

Wow Curt knows all decisions MLB. Surely he stands to get better pay at the MLB right? I call increase pay and TV exposure a promotion. Maybe it doesn’t give him any better chance at being a manager but it gives him a greater chance of gaining 20 pounds a year from the quality of food offered at major league parks.

Exactly Denny. I’m sure teams are looking at AAA managers to be head coaches, more than they look at Billy Hatcher and Mark Berry. But that’s fine, I’m sure Berry and Hatcher love what they do and probably don’t want to be managers, no problem with that.

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