Reds in the AFL

If you’re curious about how Reds are faring in the Arizona Fall League right now, namely Billy Hamilton, click here.

*Hamilton, who is converting to the outfield, is batting .313 (5-for-16) with a .421 OBP and four steals. He does not have an extra base hit in his four games. He’s not the only one faring well for the Peoria squad, however.

1B/OF Donald Lutz is batting .480/.500/.640 (12-for-25) in six games with two RBIs.

SS Didi Gregorius is batting .321 (8-for-25) with three RBIs.

RHP Curtis Partch has a 2.45 ERA through three appearances, totalling 3 2/3 innings. The only earned run allowed came on a solo homer.

GM Walt Jocketty is currently out in Arizona having a look at the organization’s players.


This is good news sir! Mark is there a link or a website to follow the AFL as a whole?

Thank you sir! You are awesome.

Mark, maybe you answered this before but … if Chapman is a starter next year, will he need to be shut down late in the year a la Strasberg?

Don’t know. Have to get there. Plus Strasburg was coming off of TJ surgery. Whatever they do, I’m sure there will be caution exercised.

I was pretty impressed with Gregorius. The guy catches everything and has great range. Do you think that there is any possibility that Cozart can play left? Did he ever play the outfield. I know it is out of the box… but if you are not going to put a package together that includes Leake and Gregorius… could this be an option?

I’d much rather see a package that included Cozart and Leake. Lets roll the dice with Gregorious. I would have mentioned Stubbs but I don’t think there is a single team out there that would take him (debatable if they would even take Leake). He would make a great full time pinch runner. Why can’t the National League have a fulltime pinch runner for pitchers instead of a designated hitter? Give the NL our own little perk!

Why all the hate on Leake? Guy has played three years, was a first round draft pick and is 28-22 in his career with a 4.23 ERA. They definitely could get something good for him. I just picked a few guys out of my head that have made a lot of money in their day and aren’t as good as Leake is or will be.
Randy Wolf 132-117 4.20 ERA
Jaosn Marquis 112-109 4.60 ERA
Aaron Harang 105-104 4.19 ERA

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