Baker signs two-year deal

The Reds and manager Dusty Baker on Monday have agreed to terms on a two-year contract extension through the 2014 season.

A press conference to announce the signing will be held at Great American Ball Park at 3 p.m. ET.

“In Dusty’s five seasons here he’s taken us to the Postseason twice and has proven he can lead our teams to championship-caliber play on the field,” Reds CEO Bob Castellini said in a statement. “He’s the right manager to continue the building process that will take us deeper and deeper into the playoffs in the future.”

There was no word yet on the status of Baker’s coaching staff…will have more later.

UPDATE: The entire coaching and medical staff has been retained. Deals for the coaches haven’t been done yet. Walt Jocketty expected that they would get two-year contracts.

Jocketty and Baker had a deal brewing even before the Reds’ exit from the postseason. His extension was not riding on the outcome of the NLDS.

“That’s why it didn’t take long,” Jocketty said. “We actually had one quick meeting on Friday and we discussed some things over the weekend and wrapped up this morning.”

Jocketty and Castellini spoke a lot of continuity.

“This is Dusty’s team,” Castellini said.

Baker spoke often of unfinished business in his wanting to return. He said he originally wanted a one-year deal but was offered two. He returns with higher expectations in 2013.

“We were all very saddened, from the players to myself, we wanted to go further,” Baker said. “We’re poised to go further in the future. We’re very excited about the prospects of what we have here to carry on what we’ve started.”

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Here is the press conference video:


Wow, that was very fast. I like that a lot.

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I’m not really surprised because Castellini seems to like Dusty. He has gotten them into the playoffs twice and the second time was a better performance. I thought it might be for 1 year…not multiple years. Castellini is probably setting the bar at two years to get into the world series…and hopefully winning. That could be where the line is drawn in the sand at the end of the 2 years.
There are a lot of decisions to make for 2013…signing Ludwick for next year and beyond, keep or not keeping Rolen, trading Mesoroco, keeping or or release Cairo, Stubbs on probatiion ’til July, bringing up Hamilton and maybe Phipps. Chapman as a starter, a place for Frazier in the lineup, inserting 1 or 2 lefties in the rotation. There’s more…such as a hitting coach.

Great news!

What a joke! It was not Dusty’s fault the reds couldn’t hit in game 3 and wasted Homer’s best outing ever – but it was his fault they pitched to Arias (after the passball) with SF having only one bench player left and their Pitcher on deck – why not walk him and make Bochy decide something.
And then game 5 really – Latos gave a hell of an effort but I told a friend of mine he is throwing too many fastballs (and I am only a little league coach) – once the bases are loaded in an elimination game -with their best hitter up – use a fresh arm – what are you waiting for – you had the best bullpen in the NL – I was screaming do not throw him a fastball . . . . crack game over!!

2 more years of misery!

Oh and If anyone can get a hold of Walt and Castellini tell them I would be happy to move to Cincinnati and manage for them for $1 million a year – a great deal compared to Dusty and I will give them a money back guarantee that I will win as many post season series as he has or they can keep my pay!!

You are right, we all would have felt way more comfortable if Dusty brought in LeCure or Simon. Ha. Hindsight managers are the best.

It’s all about continuity and that’s very important. Don’t forget the Reds won 97 games in the regular season…one less than Washington who had 98 games. Perhaps those who want Baker’s head and know what it takes to go to the world series should click over to the Cleveland Indians TV broadcast. Then…maybe, they’ll appreciate the job Baker did with the Reds.
Did he make mistakes? Yes he did and so do all the other managers in the major leagues….and they will continue to make mistakes. They are human.

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