10/11 NLDS Game 5 lineup

Reds lineup vs. Giants

Phillips 4
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Ludwick 7
Bruce 9
Rolen 5
Hanigan 2
Stubbs 8
Latos 1

*Asked about going to his lineup from Games 1-3, Dusty Baker said:

“That’s what got us here.”

*Worth repeating that teams with a 2-0 Division Series lead have advanced 38 of 42 times. NL teams are 21-for-21 in advancing.

*Only once has a division series had the road team win all the games. It happened in the 2010 ALDS when the Rangers bested the Rays in five games. But that was a 2-2-1 format, not this year’s 2-3 format.

*The Reds have not lost three in a row at home this season.


He better be right!

If we win Hero of the day is going to be Latos.
If we lose the scapegoat will be Leake, Rolen, Hannigan. Broxton, Baker. In that order.
Latos is the best pitcher left in the playoffs so we stand a pretty darn good chance. And we stand equal ground with St. Louis if they advance since they lost one of their starters as well.

If we advance I hope that they reconsider Leake, That Left hander waiting over in Phoenix would fit in nicely forgot his name Citrani or whatever it is. Whatever he has left has got to better than what Leake has been showing now for the past 3 months.

I don’t want to talk about the next series, but if we get there and Latos, Bailey, and Arroyo pitch like they have been, then you just go with Leake, because it won’t matter what he does.

Are the Reds the first team to start 5 different pitchers in a 5 game playoff series?

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Cmon Reds, forget about the past two days and come out starting over fresh today! Good luck guys! I agree with Dale, Cingrani needs some serious consideration if we make it to the NLCS. St. Louis knows nothing about him and he may be a siamond in the rough. I do think Cingrani may have been shut down for the year though. I’d consider running Simon out there over Leake.


COZART 2ND IS SO STUPID – put Votto 2nd!!

Just turned it off. Enjoy the off season folks. What a crappy way to go out.

sad all the way around. We will have a fire sale shortly after the world series. Could be interesting. I am willing to bet we are the Astros record next year.

You have to fire Dusty after this blowup. There is no other choice. He is a good season manager but this is about as bad of a managed two games to basically 3 as I have ever seen. Boachy is managing like their is no tomorrow and his team is responding. Dusty is acting like he needs to save guys for some reason.

well just dont extend a contract.

Here’s a thought while I agree Baker has to go he cannot win the big game,also you need to look at getting rid of Bruce, Stubbs, and if Messoraco dosent do any better next year cut him as well, also Arredondo just to name a few. We have no situational hitters that can come through when the game is on the line in the biggest of games. Just look at the Cardinals up and down there line-up they always seem to have hitters that come through when you need it the most. Brandon Phillips as good as a series as he had, needs the raines pulled back on him especially on the basepads where he cost the Reds the series in game three. Dont make the first or third out at third base. The pitching is there for the most part but we need hitters, you cannot rely on pitching alone to win a championship you have to be able to score as well.

One last thought Baker’s contract is up Walt Jockety likes Tony Larussa and he retired last year not too far fetched for him to get him and Dave Duncan to take over in the Queen city.

And what about Votto? The curse of Eric Davis is making this guy look the next Miguel Cairo. Maybe we should have tried carrying 20 pitchers and only 5 fielders. We would have hit better.

Oh Dale, lets bet, please????

Heres my vote for Speirs. I like his cando attitude. Goodbye Rolen,Stubbs,Cairo,Mesoraco (at least back to A division ball),Arrendondo, Leake (time for a non starting pitching performance for you sir. Let’s make you an outfielder you would have been our most consistent hitter).

Well Votto has plenty of time to get healthy as does Cueto and Madsen (probably for someone else), and Broxton has plenty of time to rebuild his arm strength back up as well but my guess is he shoes up next season spring training with a beer in one hand and a bag of dorritos in the other, with 25 pounds extra fat on his belly.

Hello Frazier, Hamilton,Rodriquez,Cintrani,Navarro.
One bit of good news in all of this Homer Bailey looks like the pitcher we all dreamed he would be. Let’s hope he shows up to Spring Training with the Attitude of I”m your ace.

I don’t blame Dusty he managed the heck out of this team but nobody else could manage these clowns that we call players. they are players alright, laughing all the way to the bank even in loss. He got the best mileage he could with the players he had. (How stubbs got more atbats than frazier though miffs me like no tomorrow) but maybe Frazier had magic for a few months and now it is never coming back. Next year we’ll see.

Reds Had this in the bag and gave it away. I am tired of paying alot of money for season tickets only to see them laugh and joke around . Poor base running, swinging at bad pitches. The last three games were a joke! Dusty Baker is too afraid to do anything. So he does nothing.

40 years as a Reds fan. This is the most difficult loss. I don’t know if I can get over this one for years to come.
I don’t think that I can root for the current lineup anymore. Votto, Cairo, Hanigan, Stubbs, Cozart, Cueto, Leake, Latos they all suck right now. If any two of these are in the same lineup next year I won’t watch.

Votto to me is the biggest disappointment. Clearly he is not 100%. the team played better without him. Give him a year off and lets see if he can recover from (sliding into a base). We don’t have Kirk Gibson on our team folks. Nope just a bunch of rich snobs that are millionaires and they aren’t going to suck it up and step up their game when in pain: Cueto, Votto, Hanigan, Rolen all fit that mode of the “entitled” overpaid every last one of them. I’d try and get the best trade on Votto right now and the same with Cueto. Rolen should retire and well Hanigan was just overplayed and needed a “blow” as Dusty Baker puts it.

I need a blow to but you don’t see me using it as an excuse to not do my job.

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