Leake replaces Cueto

The Reds revealed Wednesday morning that they’ve received approval from MLB to replace Johnny Cueto on the NLDS roster with Mike Leake. It will be Leake who takes the ball for Game 4 this afternoon.

“We finally just got approval from MLB,” general manager Walt Jocketty said.

If the Reds advance, Cueto will not be eligible to pitch in the NLCS

“It was a very, very tough decision,” Jocketty said. “But our medical staff felt, at best, that Johnny might be able to pitch one game in the next series if we get there. So we thought the importance of today’s game and the rest of the series vs. the one game next time outweighed that. It’s a tough thing to have a potential Cy Young guy out of your rotation.”

Leake has been preparing for this type of contigency since he was left off of the NLDS roster. Also, the Reds have a rested bullpen from the last two solid outings from the starters.

“This guy stays ready,” manager Dusty Baker said. “We just have to adjust. It’s quite a blow. … It’s not all doom and gloom.”

Also — if the Reds need to play Game 5, Mat Latos will start.

More to come soon on MLB.com…


Let’s go Reds!!! It’s time to wrap this series up.

I really felt they should have sent down a position player (ie.Cario). They have 6 and for the entire season they carried 5. Besides, Leake can do other things besides pitch. I think the Reds will miss Cueto in the NLCS.

You can’t just ‘send down’ a player in the middle of a playoff series. In order to make a change it would have to be due to injury approved by a MLB doctor.

If it was that easy they would have picked one of the position players, but you can’t. That’s why I had hoped they would originally went with Leake on the roster. Oh well, let’s get it done today and worry about it later in the NLCS.

As strong as Latos, Arroyo, and Bailey have been, we can win the NLCS without Cueto, I am confident. But we do need to win today so Latos can start game 1 of the NLCS.

Ballclub has answered challenges all year….its refreshing to see teams concerned about injuries and keeping assets valued for long term. (Thinks Nats here as well).

All this because we have Simon on the LDS roster, Reds missed the boat here.

Who knows we might see Simon today but I hope not. I have 100% faith in Leake
pitching today.

We win yesterday, and none of this is even being discussed right now.

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