10/10 NLDS Game 4

Reds lineup vs Giants

Phillips 4
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Ludwick 7
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Navarro 2
Stubbs 8
Leake 1


Mark- I saw your tweet on ‘Inside MLB’ on TBS last night…You’ve hit the big time, brother!

Dusty got it half right. Heisey should be in centerfield and bat second. Cozart bat eight. Stubbs comes in as defensive replacement in 8th inning.

The lineup looks pretty good except I too think Heisey should start in center, bat 2nd, and Cozart should be batting 8th. Also, if SF starts a righty Paul probably start in left field.

Stubbs is 5-13 lifetime off of Zito. Heisey is 0-4. Cozart is 1-2 You stick with the better defender and the past stats here! Frazier, Phillips and Bruce have all owned Zito is the past. Bad thing is SF hitters have owned Mikey. Sandoval being the best of them with- 7-10-2 hrs,

interesting to note the two gents that caused the run to cross the plate are not in the order Rolen and Hannigan. Everyone has owned Leake, and not just the Giants the league is batting .290 against them. Miguel Cairo would be batting .300 if he got to face Leake. Drew Stubbs might not even strike out. Seriously Leake is one of the worst starting pitchers in baseball, but he is what he is: Our Johnny Cueto replacement. Maybe he will develop a 97 mph fastball also.

ummm… can you say complete game shutout? Lets not go overboard with this. He is average with the ability to be good. I will take that vs the other options bullpen, put Latos and Arroyo on short rest.

I agree Leake is probably our best choice at this point. but seriously the league batted .290 against Leake this year.
Maybe this is all part of the Dusty genius to bring out the best in Leake.

I am shocked Rolen is not starting.

Baker has explained that both Hanigan and Rolen are not playing due to…’night game to today’s day game’ rest.

I can almost hear the Giants celebrating Mike Leake and his lollipop pitches right now. Dusty and Walt should just mail this one in. Latos vs. Zito should end it today. Latos vs. Cain tomorrow is a tossup with the Giants riding the momentum. The Giants lineup vs. Surfer Dude? .393. I guess it’s not just the Bengals God hates…

You guys act like we are down 2-1. I didn’t hear anyone complain when Leake led the team in wins in the past! He is not that bad a pitcher. In fact he is 8-4 since his 0-5 start! GO REDS!!

Nice little nugget here….Leake is 3-0 with a 0.77 ERA over his last three starts against the Giants and gave up one run and nine hits during a complete-game victory June 29 in San Francisco.

so much for putting the Giants away!!!.. They loose tomorrow, heads better roll!!!!! I cant belive our bats are so bad at home and were so good at the Giants ballpark..Lets pray they dont blow this tomorrow!!

I am keeping positive thoughts for Game 5. If you are one of the lucky ones at the game, make as much noise as you can. No reason to feel defeated. Have the last two games sucked eggs? Yes but that is baseball. Go out tomorrow and win the series. Let’s Go REDLEGS!!!

Mark, has there ever been a postseason series where no home games were won by the home team??

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