Game 4 time set

Just touched down in Cincinnati after a long day of flying back from San Francisco, by way of Minneapolis…

The Reds changed their off-day workout to being optional and after their flight arrived at around dawn Monday, only a handful of players attended.

MLB announced that if there is a Game 4 for the Reds and Giants, it will be at 4:07 p.m. ET on TBS.

In the meantime, here is Dusty Baker on the press conference podium talking about the depth of his pitching staff.


I’ve been gone for a week, so forgive me if this refers to old news. If Cueto can’t go in Game 4, what are the options? Who starts in his place, for instance. Anyone else remember the game in the Pirates-Reds series in 1990 where the Pirates started a reliever, with the idea relievers would pitch the whole game? Didn’t work so well.

I would guess that Latos would go in Game 4 and Arroyo would go in Game 5. And LeCure and Simon would be put on notice. Need to end this tonight.

No doubt – end it in three. Go Reds!

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