Cueto, Bailey fly to CVG

UPDATE — The Reds have decided that Bailey would pitch Game 3.

Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto returned to Cincinnati on Sunday, one day after his start was cut short by back spasms eight pitches into facing the Giants during the opener of the National League Division Series.

“I saw him before he went back. He said he felt a lot better this morning,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said. “He’s going back to get treatment back there rather than flying all night with us.”

The Reds media notes on Sunday listed Homer Bailey as a probable Game 3 starter on Tuesday at Great American Ball Park. Bailey was originally slated to start Game 4, if necessary.

Bailey also flew back to Cincinnati on Sunday to get ready.

“Homer is our Game 3 option,” Baker said. “You can’t take a chance with Johnny, and we have to see exactly. We can’t have him go out there again and have something else happen to him and come up short again. When he goes back out there we will make sure to the best of your knowledge that he’s OK.”

The Reds are hoping to avoid having to replace Cueto on the NLDS roster. By rules, if he is removed, he would not be eligible for the NL Championship Series should the Reds advanced.

“You can’t wait too long,” Baker said. “If you wait too long and do it at the last minute, [Major League Baseball] might not OK it. That’s what we were told yesterday. You can’t wait until the last minute.”

I will have more soon on


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Not sure I understand MLB’s reasoning for not liking teams waiting til the last minute on decisions like the one on Cueto. Any light on that?

Mark (or anyone in the know): What does CVG mean? TIA

CVG is the Cincinnati Airport code.
How were those last two nights of baseball? Damn, that was fun.

Outstanding. LeCure, Latos and Arroyo stepped up bigtime, as did our bats. We literally looked like a different team; we took the Giants best SP and whipped them soundly. Now for some home cooking and Mr. Bailey to finish off the series.

Fun fun weekend….Keep it rolling Reds!

CVG stands for ‘Covington,’ the Kentucky town in which the Cincy airport is located.

It is actually in Hebron, KY but who is keeping track? Ha.


Damn, Curt, you’re right again. And, I am keeping track! I’ll see your Ha and raise you a Ha!

Max/Curt…thank you guys. That is really what I was trying to understand. I thought it was the abbreviation that most luggage would be stamped on. I traveled for 8 years back in the 1980’s, but couldn’t come up with this one.

Can I surmise that if I was able to fly from California to a Reds game that this is the airport I would landing in? If so, how far from the park is it; more curious questions to fill our time until ‘Homer Time’.

Yep, that is the airport you would want to fly to. Dayton Airport is only an hour away and seems to always be cheaper, if that matters. The CVG airport is probably 20 minutes at the most from the ballpark.

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