NLDS rotation set

Reds manager Dusty Baker appears to know his rotation for the NLDS.

“We’ve been planning this for a while. It didn’t take a genius to see how we planned it,” Baker said on Tuesday. “What you see is what it is right now.”

Judging by the current rotation — it’s Johnny Cueto, Bronson Arroyo and Mat Latos for the first three games.

Would they use four starters?

“We’re not sure about that,” Baker said. “Generally speaking, you only use three starters in the first round. We won’t try to guess who’s not [in] but that’s a pretty good ace in the hole if you’ve got a guy getting hammered. You usually don’t let guys stick around to get hammered. It’s not like a regular season game.”

Although Baker did not say specifically, it would appear that Homer Bailey is that ace-in-the-hole.

“That is always the toughest part – who do you leave off?” Baker said. “I’ve seen guys get angry. I remember one time with Lasorda, there were a couple of guys upset with him.”

Baker also realizes that he’ll be open to criticism for the selections.

“If it works, then it’s cool,” Baker said. “If it doesn’t, then you should have gone with somebody else.”


Brilliant !!! An obvious move to free up a roster spot for Cairo.

Homer Bailey deserves a start. I personally would go with him over Bronson. I know Bronson has the experience, but Bailey just pitched a no-no for crying out loud!

Homer will be starting in the 2nd series and I do agree he should be on the roster. He is pitching lights out now….I think he should start instead of Arroyo as well.

Cingrani? He hasn’t thrown in a while, but he’s the sort of fast-operating lefty that can get needed outs when the eighth inning is on the line.

This is so dumb. Why would you want Arroyo to get two starts over Latos? Especially against the Giants?

I understand that dusty likes to break up Arroyo and Leake but that will not be an issue so I don’t understand why you wouldn’t give your two best pitchers the ball in games 1 & 2. I do see it as dusty trying to steal one with Arroyo and hoping Latos will close it out at home.

Arroyo has playoff experience and Latos has none and he is our youngest starting pitcher. That has merit to not start him twice. Latos speed is similar than Cueto, Arroyo is a a junk ball pitcher it is standard operating procedure man to mix your rotation high low high low as far as speed of delivery.
You don’t want two pitchers with similar speeds pitching back to back. That has been the case for 30 years in baseball.
Dusty is doing what every other manager in baseball would be doing with our rotation. give the guy a friggin break and stop microscoping every single decision he makes and start thinking “hmmm why did he do that?” instead of just openly ripping him for his decisions?

Dusty knows his players, that is more than you or me.

Well said.

Cingrani has been shut down for the season due to pitch count.
Bailey has been doing great of late but is very unpredictable
Arroyo is a veteran, he has been to this dog and pony show before we need him to anchor the emotions of our baby pitchers which includes Bailey… Bailey should be our #4 guy that isn’t going to change
Cueto is fatigued and is no longer our best pitcher this season that much is obvious he was lucky to win his last two decisions he did not pitch well at all
Latos is quite possibly the best pitcher in baseball consistently over the last two months. You know he is going to pitch 7, keep the ball down and have control. He is a beast and is simply dominating opponents, Latos problem.. he is young, younger than Bailey even and maybe since Baker is a veteran first kind of a guy he is rewarding Arroyo and leaning on his experience. I’d do the same thing. Keep your ace in the hole ready for when your back up against the wall. Not only that shows confidence in Arroyo and he has always pitched well when under fire.

These opening 2 games in SF are going to be low scoring games anyway. The Reds can’t hit at all right now and that’s scary going in. But with how streaky they are, hopefully it’s time for a good streak.

IMO, Mat Latos is easily our best “stuff” pitcher. He has better stuff than 95% of the league. Cueto is our best pitcher. A few more years of experience compared to Latos. Arroyo has earned the right to start game 2. He was been so consistent this year and for many years for the Reds. A great player, and a great dude in general. If your a Reds fan and your questioning this guy getting the ball in game 2, then you need to take a hard look at what this guy has done for this organization. I understand Homer just pitched a no-no. But I still don’t care, Arroyo will keep hitters from hitting the ball hard in a huge ballpark with the best D in baseball behind him.

Instead of our rotation, how about we worry about the fact that the last time we faced Bumgardner he 1 hit complete gamed us! Going to be a big battle between him and Cueto game 1.

you guys will still be barking about Baker’s decisions after we win the World Series as well.

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Easy decision for Dusty. Much rather have Arroyo pitching in spacious SF against Giants than at Hitter friendly GABP against them. Last time reds were in Playoffs anyone want to guess who had the best start against Philly? Bailey is the 4th if we need him. Hope we steal one at SF and close them out at home. can it be any simpler???

Matt Cain has been named game 1 starter.

A lot of assumptions about the opponent being made here. SF isn’t a done deal yet as the opponent. Washington faces Cliff Lee today and Homer Bailey is pitching on the road! #1 seed here we come.

Atlanta is playing ridiculous right now, but Medlen is set to start the wildcard game, so getting the #1 seed would be to our best interest because we would avoid Medlen that first start and he is the only Atl pitcher that scares me. I can’t see St. Louis hitting him at all right now. He is lights out. But if they do, I’m sure Wainwright is starting that wildcard game, so we would avoid to stud pitchers if we lock up the 1 seed.

Where is lineup?

Go get’ em Dusty and every damn member of the Redlegs. Win this, damnit. Go REDS!!!.

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