10/2 at STL

Reds lineup vs. Cardinals

Phillips 4
Cozart 6
Votto 3
Ludwick 7
Bruce 9
Rolen 5
Navarro 2
Stubbs 8
Latos 1

*The magic number for the Nationals to clinch the No. 1 seed in the NL playoffs is two — meaning a Reds loss, and a Nats win tonight sets the seeding for the playoffs.

*The Cardinals magic number to clinch the second NL Wild Card is 1. All they need to do is win over the Reds or have the Dodgers lose to the Giants, and it’s settled.

*Click here for the MLB.com Postseason Picture, “if the season ended today” brackets.

*Here are some September/Oct batting averages this season for you:

Stubbs: .159 (10-for-63), 0 HR, 1 RBI
Frazier: .181 (13-for-72), 1 HR, 5 RBIs
Heisey: .182 (10-for-55), 1 HR, 2 RBIs
Phillips: .198 (19-for-96), 3 HR
Rolen: .204 (9-for-44), 1 HR, 5 RBIs
Hanigan: .212 (11-for-52), 0 HR, 4 RBIs
Bruce: .228 (21-for-92), 6 HR, 14 RBIs

*This isn’t the kind of momentum the Reds need going to the postseason. But if good records/statistics don’t mean anything in the playoffs, can the same be said about poor ones?


frightening stats

Bruce had 96 RBI’s on September 9th. Leaving 21 games to get 4 RBI’s for his first 100 RBI season. No sweat, right? Umm, he still needs 2. Cmon man.

Well they sure picked a crappy time to go into the tank. I can’t imagine how this team doesn’t come back from S.F. 0-2. Keep swinging at 58 ft. sliders Reds. But you did have a good season. After all, it’s not like Cincinnati sports fans aren’t accustomed to backing a team that gets to the playoffs then can’t win a game. Thanks to Bob Castellini for trying his best though.

But the pitching has been very good, and September stats can be very misleading.

Looks like a post season line up to me. The Reds will need Stubbs in the massive
San Francisco Petco Park outfield. Pitching and defense will win there.

I’m legitimately worried about the lack of offense lately. If we can barely scrape 3 runs against the lowly Pirates, we’re gonna get creamed against legit playoff teams. We need to have an offensive breakout ASAP, I dont care if we lose the next 2 games, we just need to score at least 5 or 6 runs each game, and put together a few good innings of offense to get some momentum going into the playoffs! GO REDS!!!

That my friends is what we call pathetic. It is a testament to our pitching staff that we have a winning record for September because our entire lineup offensively sucks. Votto needs to go back on the DL instead of playing on one leg if these are the results he is going to inspire being back. Besides it will give all of the Baker haters on here the opportunity to see Frazier start every game of the play offs.
You never know maybe they will all streak hot come playoff time. I’m hoping for that best but I’ll be prepared to watch quite a few 1 to nothing ball games and our one run being scored in the top of the 14th on a wild pitch or an error.

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