Could this be the NLDS roster?

The Reds enter today tied with the Nationals for the top seed in the playoffs. Because of the tiebreaker from head-to-head record, they will need to be at least one game by the end of the final game on Wednesday. At worst, they have a No. 2 seed, which would mean facing the No. 3 seed Giants. That’s no easy matchup by any stretch. Meanwhile the second Wild Card is down to the Cardinals and Dodgers. The Reds could have a hand in deciding that outcome these next three days in St. Louis.

Although GM Walt Jocketty said the Reds’ 25-man NL Division Series roster could be based on the matchup his team draws, I will take my best stab at making the picks.

Position players:

Catchers (2): Ryan Hanigan, Dioner Navarro

Infielders (7): Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Scott Rolen, Zack Cozart, Todd Frazier, Miguel Cairo, Wilson Valdez

Outfielders (5): Ryan Ludwick, Drew Stubbs, Jay Bruce, Chris Heisey, Xavier Paul


Starters (4): Johnny Cueto, Bronson Arroyo, Mat Latos, Homer Bailey

Relievers (7): Aroldis Chapman, Sean Marshall, Jonathan Broxton, Sam LeCure, Jose Arredondo, Logan Ondrusek, Alfredo Simon

*Please note that this is who I think the Reds will take, not who I think they should take. I’d be more inclined to go with J.J. Hoover over Ondrusek, who hasn’t had a clean appearance in a while. But Hoover hasn’t made an appearance since Sept. 23 vs. the Dodgers and has only two games worked since Sept. 15. And Ondrusek has a track record of success in the Majors, and that will always be appealing.

Of course, some things can change between now and this weekend when the roster has to be set — mainly who the Reds even play in the NLDS.


The only thing I see different is that I believe the Reds will go with our suggestion of Hoover over Big O. Ondrusek has been less than reliable as of late and JJ has put together a very nice season. I dont think us fans are the only ones doubting O’s ability at this point.

I think this is spot on who they will choose, but it’s not who they should choose. At this point, my guess is they’ll dance with who brought them. No surprises. My hope is that either Cairo or Valdez will play well above their heads for a few weeks. Next year, there’s just no reason to keep both on the roster.

I agree with Hoover over Big O and I would go with another change, which would a sacrilege in the eyes of Baker…pull Cairo and use Leake. I know he had some trouble last year out of the pen, but that’s over a year ago. He’s dependable with the bat and he can play just about any other position in an emergency.

You guys also have to realize, Cairo and valdez are two about three veteran presences that have actually succeeded int October with other teams,plus, both speak Spanish, and help connect with guys like cueto, and Chapman!

Good point, Tyson. Also, Cairo and Valdez both can both play multiple infield positions should (God forbid) someone get injured.

I don’t think it comes down to just production in this case it just has to do with being comfortable with the situation u r presented with, fyi valdez has played outfield has well, and is our best situational hitter(aka bunting)

go washington go harper

To clarify…I was only saying Cairo should be held out of the playoffs, not Valdez. Also Ondrusek. Cario is hitting around .180. Aside from Valdez, Navarro, Cueto, Simon, Aradondo, and Dusty Baker speaks Spanish. I’m sure Paul is in and I would think Leake would be very valuable in long relief, pinch run, and pinch hit. I think he has played infield if the situation arises.

I don’t know a single soul who would feel comfortable with Logan Ondrusek on the mound in a crucial situation (including Ondrusek)

Hoover over Ondrusek is a no brainer if the decision is based only 2012 performance.

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