Leake skipped, updated rotation

The Reds have revealed an updated list of probable pitchers for the final week of the regular season.

Mike Leake was scheduled to start Tuesday vs. Milwaukee, but he is now being skipped and Johnny Cueto is moving up to make the start. Because of Monday’s off day, Cueto is still working on normal rest. He wasn’t tip-top sharp in his last start vs. the Cubs Thursday but still threw six scoreless innings and snapped a three-start losing streak. Leake will now pitch Saturday vs. the Pirates and Cueto will make his final regular season start on Sunday at Pittsburgh with a potential chance at getting 20 victories.

Here is the updated list of probable pitchers:

Tue vs Mil: RHP Johnny Cueto (18-9, 2.84) vs RHP Mike Fiers (9-8, 3.38)
Wed vs Mil: RHP Bronson Arroyo vs RHP Shaun Marcum (5-4, 3.86)
Thu vs Mil: RHP Mat Latos (13-4, 3.60) vs RHP Wily Peralta (2-1, 3.04)
Fri at Pit: RHP Homer Bailey (12-10, 3.92) vs TBA
Sat at Pit: RHP Mike Leake (8-9, 4.73) vs TBA
Sun at Pit: RHP Johnny Cueto vs TBA


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So who will start the play offs then if Cueto ends the season pitching in Pittsburgh?

Ummm, Cueto.

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lets go nats

Mark, I’m kind of confused by the change in the rotation. Since they will most likely play the Giants, and Mat Latos has been so good against them (and in San Francisco), does it look like he would only pitch Game 3, in Cincinnati, and be available for only that one game? I would think it would be lined up so that both Cueto and Latos can pitch twice in a five game series.

The Reds are only 1/2 game back for the No. 1 seed so it’s too presumptuous to say they’re facing the Giants. As for Latos being third, they’ve wanted to split Cueto and him up for a long time and have a different look with Arroyo in between them. They hadn’t been able to do that because of a lack of off days.

In other words Cueto and Latos throw gas and Arroyo tosses mustard. I don’t think Arroyo even cracks 85 anymore. Good thing he has great control and keeps the ball down otherwise he would only be a batting practice pitcher.

Can’t be done with only one travel day in the series this year.

Not true Brenton. Latos would pitch on Tuesday, meaning he could pitch on regular rest on Sunday. So the Reds could still go Cueto on Saturday and Latos on Sunday if they played the Giants. Not saying that is what they will do, but they still have that option.
I personally think they’ll go Cueto, Arroyo, Latos, Bailey, Cueto.

I agree with you Curt. I think they will go Cueto, Arroyo, then Latos too. It’s just my opinion though when you’ve got a guy with such a good track record (I don’t know how good/poor Arroyo has been this season against the Giants) against a team and you traded (at the time) the whole farm for him, don’t you have to make sure he gets at least two starts against that team?

Not when your ace is getting two starts. You can’t really throw two guys twice in a five game series, unless you are going to throw two of them on short rest, which we don’t need to do.


Do you think they will move Leake to the bullpen for the playoffs, or leave him off the roster? Thanks.

I think Leake should be a considered pitcher for the roster. I don’t think you need him at all for the divisional series, but stick him in the already strong bullpen, and use him primarily as a pinch hitter/runner and extra long relief for when LeCure and Simon aren’t feeling ready to pitch. He’s nice to have around. He hasn’t been consistent enough to be one of the top 4 of the rotation though.

i think you stink you wont answer questions that are important to some peiple

go natsharper for rookie of year

My guess is they pull Cueto from that final start if they know what the matchups then are for the NLDS or if the game is meaningless (i.e. we are already locked into the first or second spot). Then he pitches twice (if necessary) in the NLDS.

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