NL Central champions

Clinch stories on

Behind Latos, Reds regain reign of NL Central

Amid revelry of title, Reds keep Dusty in thoughts

After clinch, Reds can get top seed

Chapman seals division in return


Congrats to my Redlegs! Hoping you guys can keep hitting and go all the way and take the World Series this year!!!

lame coverage

because i’m more on the ball than this lame mark sheldon dude and piss poor fox network and even worse john fay: From Fox Sports Ohio:

Going into today’s Reds game on FOX, the Reds magic number for clinching the NL Central was 1. FOX Sports Ohio had every intention of covering post-game celebration live if the Reds won.

When it looked as though the Reds were going to win, we promoted that we would have live celebration coverage immediately following the game.

Unfortunately just prior to air, the signal was lost out of Cincinnati. Our engineers feverishly tried to restore the transmission but they were unable to recover it.

We will air special on Monday at 8pm, featuring the post-game celebration. While this special cannot replace the live coverage lost this evening, we hope Reds fans will be able to enjoy the Reds clinching the Central Division.

We sincerely apologize for the disappointment and frustration this caused so many Reds fans.

WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cincy media SUCKS!!!!!!

Well, Mr. Beefcake…let me tell you about two web sites: and You might have been on there before? If you went there, you would find four fresh stories about the clinch night and video. The blog had to take back seat tonight to my primary job. Thanks for understanding. As for Fox Sports Ohio, what do you want me to say? I have nothing to do with that, but it’s a shame fans missed out.

there is less than 60 seconds of locker room video. nice try. if there is more, it is hard to find, so that is yet another fail.

I could care less about the video of watching millionaires drink champagne. I am just glad they one. The pics do the job for me I don’t see the big deal.

Besides – this celebration should be low-keyed. Been here before. Can they prosper in the 1st round. The division isn’t enough!

Hey mark, do u have the lineup for tonight?

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