Magic number = 1

Hide the champagne and put away the playoff hats. The Reds haven’t clinched their division just yet.

We’ll forgo the Three Stars tonight and I will just say it was a great atmosphere at GABP tonight. These are the games any reporter wants to cover, regardless of the result. The 3-1 Reds loss in 10 innings to the Dodgers had all of the drama you might see in the postseason. The players sensed it as well.

“Tonight was the first opportunity you get to feel like you’re in a playoff game,” said Bronson Arroyo, who pitched great for eight innings and deserved better. “Especially knowing that L.A. is fighting for their life to try to get in this thing. Obviously we want to close it out as quickly as possible, especially at home. With a great ball game like that it would have been nice to pull it off. The crowd was great tonight and hopefully we can shut it down tomorrow.”

Click here for my game story that pretty much says it all.

Here is what Chris Speier had to say about Arroyo’s performance.

Until Saturday…


I hope this game isn’t a harbinger of how the Reds hitters will respond to the pressure of the playoffs. 4 hits in 10 innings? Today’s game is on national television. Will these hitters embarrass themselves again?

I’ve been saying it all year, u hit it right on the nose we rnt going anywhere in the playoffs if we can’t find the ball with the bat!

If the Reds somehow manage to win the World Series it is going to be with the worst offense in the history of post season. Our team has more sub .250 hitters than I have ever seen. Since Votto’s return it looks like they replaced our bats with noodles. I am sure hoping we collectively get on a hot streak like we did in July. Bruce, Phillips, Stubbs, Ludwick, Cozart, Frazier, Rolen, all slumping at the same time and Votto has no power since he is only playing on one leg, but he can still outhit everyone else by far.

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