Baker not at GABP

UPDATE — Dusty Baker’s physicians were concerned about him traveling on Friday and it’s been decided to keep him in Chicago another day. The Reds will provide further updates when neccessary, but none were expected again before Saturday.

“I think bottom line, I’m worried. You have your good, good close friend that’s in the hospital,” bench coach/acting manager Chris Speier said before the latest update. “He’s fine. It’s just, they want to make sure before they put him on the plane that he had some fluids and make sure that’s all taken care of. But you worry about him. He’s our leader, and for me just a dear, dear friend. My mind is more with him than it is about this game.”

Speier, who is managing his third game for Baker, has not spoken to Baker lately. And it was Speier who made out tonight’s lineup vs. the Dodgers.

“I know that he hasn’t got much rest,” Speier said. “Being in the hospital, they poke and prod you every hour. Out of respect for his rest and what he needs to do, I’ve backed off. I think there’s such a trust built up between us that he knows things will be taken care of here.

“You know what’s great about this club, other than the character of this club, everybody just pulls their bootstraps on, and we’ve never had an issue of leadership. Dusty is the head guy and they know that, but these guys are professional and they know what they need to do.”

I will update with any news when I have it.


Sounds like this is a lot more serious than they have been letting on.

I for one do not agree with Baker on a number of his baseball moves, however, with that said we all need to separate the game of baseball, from the realities of life. I pray for Dusty and his family, and his proper and quick healing. Only thereafter do we need to concern ourselves with a game, called baseball.

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