Baker had irregular heartbeat

Reds manager Dusty Baker, who was taken to the hospital for a chest X-ray before Wednesday’s game, was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat.

“I guess the good thing is it’s not pneumonia, but the bad thing is he’s got an irregular heartbeat,” Reds head trainer Paul Lessard said. “Basically he had a heavy feeling. He wasn’t breathing well. We just decided to look into it a little further. He’s had a history of an irregular heartbeat for while so it doesn’t really bother him. That’s why he was kind of poo-pooing it.”

Baker, who reported to the club that he was feeling fine after the game, will remain hospitalized overnight and have more tests done in the morning before he can be discharged. He will not manage Thursday’s game. Bench coach Chris Speier will take over again.

I will have more on soon.


speedy recovery Dusty. Meanwhile your heir apparent in Chris Speir’s will manage his second game and if Johnny Cueto sucks in this one they better just shut him down until playoffs. I actually think it is in the Reds favor if we don’t have the best record in the NL, let the nationals play the dodger or cardinals Let us have at the Giants!

The thing is – if you’re playing the wild card team, presumably it will have used its #1 pitcher in the play-in game. Their rotation could be all screwed up for a 5-game series. Could be an edge to the division winner that’s playing them.

Hit the nail on the head here. I want the #1 seed

If they have to fight tooth and nail to the very end just to gain entry to the playoffs, it might very well NOT be the top-of-the-rotation hurler than is used in that play-in game. They would have had to keep the rotation in rotation!

I’m starting to warm up to the one seed idea. I was in the same boat, saying we would rather have the two seed. But now I think I would rather play the Braves or Brewers. I don’t want to play the Cardinals, and the Dodgers are cooked, they aren’t going to make it.

I’m not worried about who we play. I just want the Reds healthy and playing our best baseball when the playoffs start. We need the offense to get on another roll similar to when Joey was out and get Chapman heathy and effective again and I’ll take my chances. We will need to beat two good teams to make the series regardless.Dusty’s mission get everyone healthy and sharp.

Get well Dusty, hope everything is OK

Except for maybe the Brewers, I don’t think any of these teams will give the Cardinals a run for the last wild card spot. So Atlanta and St. Louis will use their best pitchers in the Wild Card game.

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