9/20 at CHC

Reds lineup vs. Cubs

Paul 7
Cairo 3
Rodriguez 4
Frazier 5
Heisey 9
Phipps 8
Hanigan 2
Gregorius 6
Cueto 1

*GM Walt Jocketty is planning on visiting Dusty Baker in the hospital this morning. We will have an update on Baker’s status after the visit.


Really, 6 starters sitting. why are we even bothering to play? Ridiculous.

I thought the same thing, but our subs are probably better than the Cubs starters, maybe it’ll be an interesting game.

Don’t you love when your comments like that end up being… Ridiculous?

I have a hunch the Reds will score runs in bunches for Dusty. (I’ve been wrong before, but I like to hope for the best!) Get better Dusty!

surprised hanigan is starting. He is past due a day of rest. Speirs is playing his Louisville lineup tonight from the looks of it.

Navarro started last nights game.

Actually this is the best day to do something like this. An away game plus it wouldn’t be fair to do it against a contender like the Dodgers, Brewers, or Cardinals. Hope
JC has a good game.

They probably want to keep JC pitching to Hanigan. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hanigan is lifted when Cueto leaves.

This is the “Dusty under anesthesia” lineup. Apparently Darrel Chaney wasn’t available. Then again, it is the Cubs.

WOW Mark, Whats with the funky line up?

votto looks like he is wearing a brace under his pants. They may call it something else but if I went to a doctor surely it would be called a knee brace. I still think his knee injury is more serious than the Reds have admitted to.

At first I thought so too, but he hasn’t missed a single game until today, so maybe not.

Maybe it’s just me, but aren’t we only 1 game back of the #1 seed? Meaning in our first game our #1 pitcher would be going against the wildcards #2 pitcher. That’s a big big advantage in my opinion!

would rather be the 2 seed. excellent line up today. give the guys a rest after late game. see what the kids have.

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