Cozart, Chapman updates

Reds SS Zack Cozart is unlikely to return during this series vs. the Cubs. Tuesday with be his 12th-straight game out with a strained left oblique muscle.

Cozart took batting practice Tuesday for the first time since Saturday.

“We’re trying not to rush back,” Cozart said. “It felt great the first day I took BP and we came back Sunday, less than 24 hours later, it was a little sore from the day before. We decided to take it slow.”

Cozart rested Sunday and Monday. He’s optimistic that he could be back for the next series vs. the Dodgers at GABP.

“I don’t have a set date,” he said. “If I keep making progress, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s hopefully this weekend.”

*One other update: Aroldis Chapman (tired shoulder) threw from flat ground today. He is due to have a bullpen session on Wednesday. It will be his first one since his last outing on Sept. 10.

*Here is some info the Reds obtained from the Elias Sports Bureau…as Homer Bailey became the third Reds starter this season to make his 30th start. Bronson Arroyo (29) and Mike Leake (28) should likely reach 30 starts barring something unforeseen.

Below is a list of the only teams in Major League history with 5 starters with 30 starts each.

5 2006 CHW Buehrle, Mark, Contreras, Jose, Garcia, Freddy, Garland, Jon, Vazquez, Javier
5 2005 CLE Elarton, Scott, Lee, Cliff, Millwood, Kevin, Sabathia, CC, Westbrook, Jake
5 2005 STL Carpenter, Chris, Marquis, Jason, Morris, Matt, Mulder, Mark, Suppan, Jeff
5 2003 SEA Franklin, Ryan, Garcia, Freddy, Meche, Gil, Moyer, Jamie, Pineiro, Joel
5 1993 LAD Astacio, Pedro, Candiotti, Tom, Gross, Kevin, Hershiser, Orel, Martinez, Ramon
5 1980 OAK Keough, Matt, Kingman, Brian, Langford, Rick, McCatty, Steve, Norris, Mike
5 1977 LAD Hooton, Burt, John, Tommy, Rau, Doug, Rhoden, Rick, Sutton, Don


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why dont we recruit from younsters in the lil league WS and scout and ONLY recruit, like the olypics 14-17 year olds then farm them and as many LEFTIES as possible? stubbs-gone. any1 c the chicago/Pit game on BA? .230=replace, .260 avg, .290+ winner!

well stubbs-bench or PR use X Paul and Gregorious more and Hiesey also to replace Stubbs. look at over all BA if you hitting .260+ why r u NOT in the lineup???

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