9/18 at CHC

Reds lineup vs. Cubs

Phillips 4
Stubbs 8
Votto 3
Ludwick 7
Bruce 9
Rolen 5
Hanigan 2
Valdez 6
Bailey 1

*Following up on something that changed over the weekend while I was off, the Reds have recalibrated their rotation. Starting tonight, it’s Bailey, Leake, Cueto, Arroyo and Latos. There’s little question in my mind that it sets up the postseason rotation for Cueto, Arroyo, Latos and probably Bailey.

*The Reds’ magic number to clinch the NL Central is 5. The Cardinals have a three-game series at home vs. the Astros this week. The Wild Card clinch magic number is 4.

*Dusty Baker is managing the 3,000th game of his career tonight. Of the previous 2,999 games, 795 of them have been with the Reds.


I wonder why Bailey would pitch Game 4 ? That would be at GABP where he doesn’t pitch well and admits he doesn’t like the mound.

When else would you pitch Bailey? Not game 1 or 2 that’s for sure. The rest of the games are in Cincy for the NLDS

I would rather see Gregorious playing tonight. He clearly has far more range at short, and I’m sure his hitting could be no worse than Valdez’s mendoza line numbers.

bench W Valdez and Stubbs atm and Put in Hiewsey and Gregorious! another lefty-w/power in Heisey or what about X Paul??? we have ageing Ludwick and Rolen, imo sorry Rolen-Frazier and BP and Votto SHOULDNT be allowed 2 slide/steal why? or a SAFE steal/easy???

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