Frazier’s NL ROY chances?

If you have some time, be sure to check out my Monday feature on Reds rookie infielder Todd Frazier. It’s posted on

There’s no denying that Frazier has delivered a superb season and loomed large in the Reds’ success when either Scott Rolen or Joey Votto or both were injured.

But is Frazier’s 2012 season worthy of the National League Rookie of the Year Award?

In this story by colleague Paul Hagen, one NL executive says yes.

In 118 games, Frazier is batting .284/.345/.517 with 18 home runs and 62 RBIs. Among NL rookies, he’s second in RBIs and triples (6), third in homers and total bases (202) and fifth in batting.

At this point, he has two chief rivals in Nationals OF Bryce Harper and Arizona LHP Wade Miley.

Harper in 123 games: .263/.335/.458 with 19 homers and 50 RBIs. (ranks 1st with 84 runs, 218 total bases and seven triples, 2nd in HRs, 4th in RBIs)

In 29 games, 26 starts: Miley is 15-10 with a 3.10 ERA, 177 innings, 34 walks and 127 strikeouts (all best among NL rookies).

I didn’t get this quote into my story, but MLB Network analyst Harold Reynolds, who has known Frazier since his Little League World Series days, doesn’t think voters will give him the award.

“Two weeks ago, I would have said it was Todd. Right now, it’s going to be Bryce Harper,” Reynolds said. “There’s no doubt about it in my mind. I think what Todd did in the stretch when Votto was out while playing in his spot and keeping this team afloat, spoke volumes. Over the stretch of the year and the hype, I think Harper is going to end up winning this thing.”

Hurting Frazier’s chances has to be his performance down the stretch. He hasn’t hit a homer since Aug. 21 and he’s batting .212 (11-for-52) since notching his last RBI on Aug. 28.


how many other NL rookies hit a HR with no hands and saved a man’s life all in the same week??!!

I hate that many of the baseball awards that are voted on by the writers are more of a popularity contest than them actually looking at the stats. Just like the hall of fame ballot where if a player didn’t give them a good interview they wont vote for them on the first ballot. Todd Frazier has just as good of numbers and even better in some areas in less games than Harper. O well I think Todd would rather win a ring than ROY anyway.

As much as I want the reds to win the stats say that the nationals are the team to beat. Our bats are half loaded while they have a 20 Homer guy at every position. Ot only that but their starting pitching is to be feared and will be for years to come

Guys, easy…he’s still got a shot. We have over 15 GM left and he could easily light up the board. Don’t give up; on top of that, he has what others don’t…he played for Rolen when needed and Votto when needed. He has played, limited, for Ludwick, when needed. All 15 writers know these things. Don’t give up; the Reds wont.

Sorry, but no. Rizzo, Miley, and Harper have all had significantly better seasons (Rizzo 2.1 WAR, Miley 3.8 WAR pitching + 0.2 WAR batting, Harper 4.1 WAR to Frazier’s 1.8 WAR per Baseball-Reference)

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