If the postseason started today…

With all the new postseason changes installed for the 2012 playoffs, MLB.com has created a bracket that explains what the matchups would be if the season ended today.

Check it out by clicking here.

Right now, the Reds have the No. 2 seed and would play No. 3 seed San Francisco, with Game 1 being Saturday Oct. 6 at AT&T Park. Top seeded Washington would get the Wild Card winner. All of that is subject to change of course in the final couple of weeks. And the Wild Card battle could unbelievably exciting in the final days of the season as the Cardinals and Pirates seem to be fading and the Phillies and Brewers are surging to within three games back. If the Phillies get in, they could be very dangerous as the Reds more than had their hands full with them the past couple of weeks.

And to answer one frequently asked question — Yes, teams from the same division can meet in the NL Division Series, which is technically considered the second round of the playoffs following the new one-game Wild Card showdowns.


L. McAlister posted on his blog the following for a post-season 25 man roster. Figuring out the 25-man playoff roster. I agree with the 13 position players listed but disagree on the pitchers. I can’t imagine that Simon doesn’t make the roster while Ondrusek has not yet proven he has returned to form after his August troubles. What say you?

Do the Reds go with 13 hitters/12 pitchers or 14 hitters/11 pitchers?
Position players (13)
Hanigan, Navarro, Votto, Phillips, Cozart, Rolen, Frazier, Stubbs, Bruce, Ludwick, Heisey, Valdez, Paul.
Remaining options: 1 or none from Cairo or Mesoraco

Pitchers (11)
Cueto, Latos, Arroyo, Bailey
Chapman, Broxton, Marshall, LeCure, Arredondo, Ondrusek, Hoover
Remaining options: 1 of these 4
Simon, Leake, Cingrani (longshot)

Read more: http://www.espn1530.com/pages/lancesBlog.html#ixzz26MuqDfT9

They should got 13/12.
I agree Simon should be on our post season roster.I don’t think Cingrani is eligible for post season play since he was a September call up. Well our bench bats are terrible I think we carry the maximum number of pitchers for our bullpen since that is our strength. Maybe use Leake out the bullpen as well since he could also double as our pinch hitter.
There is zero point in stringing along either Cairo or Mesoraco. Valdez is just as capable an infielder and his bat has more youth in it.

Here is my assessment. I put this on another topic but better suited here:

Let’s talk Playoffs. If the Season finished today the Reds would match up against the Giants. Washington would take on the winner of Atlanta vs. St. Louis. Probably the best case scenario for us too.
Our pitching vs. their pitching
1. Cueto vs. Bumgarner…. advantage Cueto
2. Latos vs. Lincecum…. advantage Latos (Lincecum has had a terrible year and has truly lost his mojo)
3. Arroyo vs. Cain…. advantage Cain (Cain has better numbers this year than either Latos or Arroyo so whether he is #2 or #3 doesn’t matter he gets the edge over them in head to head.
4. Bailey vs. Zito …. slight advantage to Bailey.
5. Leake vs. Vogelsong…. dominate advantage to Vogelsong
Our 1 2 have a pretty good advantage especially if they keep Lincecum in rotation. We might be in trouble if the Giants go to 3 or 4 man rotation and drop Lincecum
Bullpen… clear advantage goes to Reds. We have the best bullpen in baseball with our without Chapman. If he is healthy playoff time we only need pitchers to pitch 6 innings and not 7. for a reduced pitching rotation this is a major advantage, one the Reds took advantage of in 1990.
Lineup and Defense
1B If Votto is healthy clear advantage to Reds on offense and defense here. Belt is pretty much a rookie with decent numbers but nowhere close to allstar material
2B Phillips offensive they are remarkably similar, however, Phillips glove and speed give him a pretty good advantage here.
SS Cozart vs. Crawford. Dead even both offensively and defensively. There numbers are near identical in both categories.
3B Rolen/Frazier vs. Santoval/Scuvaro. Slight advantage if Rolen is in, big advantage if Frazier is in.
C Hanigan vs. Posey. dominate advantage goes to Giants
LF Ludwick/Frazier vs. Blanco. either way dominate advantage to Reds
CF Heisey/Stubbs vs. Pagan. advantage goes to Giants. Pagan is more consistent and has more experience than either Heisey or Stubbs
RF Bruce vs. Pence Advantage Reds. Both has similar batting average but Bruce has more power and a better arm but doesn’t cover as much ground as Pence.
My prediction Reds win in 5 with 4 or 5 man rotation. Reds in 3 or 4 with 3 or 4 man rotation. The numbers seldom lie in baseball. Good thing we won’t start out against the Nationals because we would lose in 4.

dale, like your assesement but don’t think Leake gets a start in post season.I actually like our chances against the Giants.

I agree I don’t think Leake will be in there either. We should dominate the Giants, however, I am concerned about the Nationals and the Braves pitching could really hurt us also.

Why would the first game be at AT&T park in San Fran? We would have the home field advantage being that they are #3 seed and we are the #2 seed right?

Someone help me out here, because i must have missed the reason why the lower seeds are getting to host the first 2 games. Why isnt the team with the better record getting to host the first 2 games?

As I lay down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep. For if I die, before I awake. I pray the lord, it’s the playoff’s the Phillies don’t make!!!!!


does make any sense. I smell bud selig at work.

They made the change to cutdown on the travel for the playoffs team for this one year since the games are going to be so condensed. So to eliminate a travel day back and forth, they are giving the better seeds the three games at home to end it. I don’t love it, but I don’t have it either. If you split on the road, you just need to take two out of three at home to finish it.

And Mike…..Pirates.

Under .500 is close for the Pirates, Haha. 6 losses in a row hurt. Looking more like your going to be right on that one Curt. But the Frazier sucking thing….totally blows it out the water….LOL.

That new playoff $hit is awful. If the Reds lose the first two on the road, then SF only needs to take one against Bailey or Arroyo…….Bailey is afwul at home!

That’s why you throw Bailey on the road in game 2. Cueto, Bailey, Latos, Arroyo, Cueto.

Yeah, that is probably what they will do. Hopefully Cueto is Cueto in game one and we get a W. Making game 2 much less important. But if they do win game 1, I would have no problem with them sending Latos out there and coming home 2-0 with only needing to win 1 of 3 at home.

The format of the lower seed getting the first two at home is horrible, but it is just for this year. The reason for the change has everything to do with scheduling and TV. They changed the rule to add the second wild card team after the playoff schedule had been set, so the theory was to cut down on travel for the two wild card teams who will play the one game series and then have to be ready for the next round based on the old schedule. Still doesn’t really make sense. Essentially you can have the best record in baseball and end up having 1 home playoff game and be out.

I don’t know. If you ask me the best record in your league should entitle you to play your entire first series all at home. These teams play for half a year! After that 3 at home 3 away and the seventh at a neutral site. That is how the world series should be played as well instead of the 4th game being decided by the stupid all star game which no one really watches anyways.

I guess I need to retract on my thoughts on Bailey. When he is good he can be dominate. I almost wonder if he needs to be a number one in rotation kind of pitcher. Well I like the idea of not putting Cueto up against another teams number 1. He is better than anyone else’s number 2 so I see that as an increased odd. Latos and Bailey can both dominate when in the zone so why not roll one of those guys out there in a case of may not win type of situation?

You have to throw Cueto in the first game so that if it goes to five, you have him for game five.

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