Phillips involved in controversy

There was a development that came out late Monday night/Tuesday morning following the Reds 4-3 win over the Pirates. In a post on his Twitter page, Reds 2B Brandon Phillips alleged that he heard some words during an incident from an unnamed Pirates player. He also included the hashtag #racism in the tweet.

In the eighth inning, Phillips was hit by Jared Hughes’ first pitch in the left leg. Phillips briefly stopped and as the catcher stepped in, picked up the ball and made a nonchalant toss towards the mound. That angered Hughes, who barked some words at Phillips. But Phillips seemed to ignore Hughes as he trotted to first base while umpire Phil Cuzzi warned both benches.

Click here for video of the play

There was some bad blood from a Reds-Pirates series in Cincinnati last month. Aroldis Chapman hit Andrew McCutchen with a pitch in game and Mike Leake hit Josh Harrison the following day. There was also a game where Hughes applied a hard tag on Dioner Navarro when he was an easy out.

After the third out following Monday’s moment, Phillips could be seen talking to McCutchen and then had a lengthy conversation with third base umpire Greg Gibson.

Phillips declined to talk to a reporter after the game. When asked about his exchange with Phillips, Hughes told Pittsburgh reporters: “I don’t know. It was so loud out there, I couldn’t hear.” That was before Phillips issued his tweet.

So there will be some things for follow up. What words did Phillips believe he heard? Who did he think said them? And what is the Pirates response?

We’ll find out later today.


Something is probably going to happen here. The Pirates are on their last nerve and they are ticked at how bad they are and how they are complete failures once again. I just hope we can avoid any suspensions through this.

Oh, and I don’t want to play the Cardinals obviously, and I don’t want the Pirates in the playoffs because their failure is too fun. But another team that I do NOT want to play is now lurking, the Phillies.

our pitching does not match up very well to either the phillies or the nationals. If you look at their #4 and #5 guys they completely dominate our Leake and Bailey. That and Chapman’s fatigued shoulder has me wondering just how long we can go into a playoff series.

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