Rolen improving, Masset surgery

*Reds 3B Scott Rolen took batting practice on the field Monday and appears to be past the lower back pain that kept him off the field since Sept. 4.

“He’s better. There’s a chance he can play real soon,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “He’s going to do baseball activity I think today. We’re a little bit different team. [Todd] Frazier has done a good job, all the guys have done a good job. But I mean, Scotty is our leader on the field. It’s just a little different when your leader is not out there.”

*RHP Nick Masset, who has missed the whole season with right shoulder issues, had arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn capsule inside his shoulder. An exact recovery/rehab time wasn’t known.

“They did it now so he would be ready for next year,” head trainer Paul Lessard said. “It wasn’t getting better.”

*1B Joey Votto, who said yesterday he felt good after testing his left knee scoring from first base on a triple, was on the field for early BP today (his 29th birthday).

“He’s doing pretty good. Yesterday was a great indicator when he went from first to home,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “He was breathing pretty good, but he said he needed it. He needed to make that run. That was a good sign. We’ve seen him slide, we’ve seen him god first to home, we haven’t seen him go first to third yet on a close play. But the longer he’s away from the operation, and the more different circumstances that things happen, the less he’ll think about it and become more natural in his movements and everything on the field. Every time you do something different, you overcome a different obstacle in your mind. You mind can play tricks on you.”

*Jay Bruce shared NL Player of the Week honors today with Marlins pitcher Ricky Nolasco. It’s the fifth time Bruce has been a POTW

“I have five watches so far. But I’ll keep taking them,” he said.

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