9/10 vs. PIT

Reds lineup vs. Pirates

Phillips 4
Heisey 8
Votto 3
Ludwick 7
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Navarro 2
Valdez 6
Latos 1

*Jay Bruce is 2-for-29 with 15 strikeouts lifetime vs. Pirates starter Wandy Rodriguez. As hot as Bruce has been (nine-game hitting streak and homers in 6 of his last 9 games), and as much as the offense overall has lagged these last few days, it appears as though Dusty Baker is hoping the often invoked law of averages is on Bruce’s side.

*Tony Cingrani’s Sunday outing (3ip, 1h, 1er, 0bb, 5k) had him join Angel Torres (5 K, 9/12/77 vs HOU) as the only relievers in franchise history to record five strikeouts in their Major League debuts.


This Votto guy is back in there? They are 1-3 with him.

I like this lineup, with the exception of Valdez, but he’ll be toast when Cozart is healed up and back to playing. I’m sorry…I don’t think Stubbs gets it…you swing at balls over the plate and you don’t swing at balls outside of the plate. He’s back to doing the same thing he was doing prior to being benched a couple days. Also, I think Frazier needs a day or two of rest. He’s been “amped up” too long and it appears his battery is running a little low. He needs to be recharged.

In typical Dusty fashion he’ll sit Frazier on Wednesday so he gets two days with the off day Thursday.

You’re probably right, Curt, and I think it is a very wise move by Dusty. I know I would rather have two off days back to back as opposed to having two off days spaced apart.

dusty has no clue on how to manage a good team,,,he can get you there but can never finish,,,we need a whole new coaching staff except for price

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