Back trouble for Rolen, Cozart

*The left side of the Reds infield has been beset by back problems for 3B Scott Rolen and SS Zack Cozart. For Rolen, it’s been an ongoing issue since early last month. He underwent an MRI on Wednesday and some issues were discovered.

“I have a protrusion in two discs in my lower back, which are causing me trouble that we’re trying to address right now with a few days off,” Rolen told

Rolen has not gotten an epidural injection and is trying to get pain relief from anti-inflammatory medication and rest. He missed a handful of games with back pain last month, including the entire Aug. 9-12 road series vs. the Cubs.

“Since my setback in Chicago, I’ve been uncomfortable and not able to perform and move offensively and defensively the way I hoped to have by this point,” Rolen said.

Rolen hopes to be able to be better/play by the end of the weekend. The back issue didn’t stop his production that much. He’s batted .314 since the All-Star break and .323 in August. But in September, he is 1-for-10.

*As for Cozart, he felt some pain in the middle of his back on Tuesday, which had been a previously scheduled off day.

“I don’t even know what the problem was, but I locked up,” Cozart said. “Now I know what Scotty goes through. I’ve never had a back issue. … During BP, something didn’t feel right. I wasn’t letting it loose.”

Cozart did not play on Wednesday.

“I was hoping coming into Wednesday it would be OK,” Cozart said. “It still wasn’t. But it feels a lot better.”

Cozart came back inside a little while later in the afternoon after testing his back on the field with stretching and groundballs. When asked how he felt, he declined to comment — probably a strong sign it hasn’t improved enough.


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It would be nice to see this team start hitting again. This is exactly what I feared would happen when JV returned….. they’d have a collective let down as a team. Ludwick and Frazier’s output have both fallen off. Rolen is hurt again…or still. And Dusty, true to form has a great SS who hits from the left side sitting on the bench while his favorite little special needs child “Valdez” keeps getting trotted out there to hit into double plays and pop up bunt attempts to the catcher. Can we change Valdez’ jersey number to 6-4-3 please?

Mike Leake has now wrestled the coveted title of “Human Batting Tee” from Tom Hume, a record held for decades. Yasmani Grandal is killing it in San Diego while Devin Mesoraco collects butt splinters between designated assignments of tapping weak grounders to third.

Why is the lineup not posted?

Sorry, off today. Will be back for Sunday’s game.

Mark probably writing about Cozart first. Just saw he has a left oblique strain. Best case he is out a week according to article I just read.

I just like to no the lineup and it isn’t always posted soon enough for me

Rolen is just 38 I believe but geez his body is breaking down like a 70 year old. I think we might be seeing the last year of Rolen as a regular. He would be perfect playing off the bench, late innings, give the other guys a break kind of a guy for the last year or two of his career.

The Reds would be crazy to resign him after this season. His body (shoulder and back) is constantly breaking down on him at 37. If he were resigned, Dusty would trot him there every day over a much better player in Frazier at this point. He hasn’t been healthy and productive since that headfirst slide in the ASG in 2010 that started the left shoulder problems. I don’t think he’d resign for a substantial paycut so I really doubt he returns.

I agree D.J. he would make for an expensive bench player. I do hope the Reds cut their ties with him. He provides good leadership and when he isn’t hurting he is a top rated third basemen but his injury history and his age is just not worth the risk. I would think this guy sees the end of the tunnel and knows it is time to hang up the cleats.

explain abuse to me mark

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