9/5 vs. PHI

Reds lineup vs. Phillies

Phillips 4
Heisey 8
Votto 3
Ludwick 7
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Navarro 2
Gregorius 6
Leake 1

*Cozart is out again. Dusty Baker said he has a sore back.


There are no words to express how much I wish this game was on TV!

Didi will handle it fine , Reds are blessed with good fielding infielders,some can hit also and have speed.

Wait a second, WHY ISN’T NAVARRO IN THE 8 SPOT???!?!?!?!

Very excited about this lineup!!

Me too….Going to love getting a first look at Didi! Welcome back JV!!!!

check MLB network if you got it! GO RED!

Is it the free game today?

I do find this to be pretty humorous though…..I can just imagine Dusty’s convo with Didi. Welcome to the big leagues kid….in your major league debut, you get to face the pitcher of the decade….HAVE FUN……LOL

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Welcome back, Joey! C’mon Reds, win this one for the Joey!

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