Chapman featured on MLB Network

Greetings from Atlanta, where I am connecting on a flight back from Arizona. I will not be in Houston for the next series, beginning on Friday.

Thanks for the feedback on the previous blog post. Like I said, everybody has the right to their opinion about their favorite team. While I don’t have a favorite team, I am entitled to my opinion too. Glad it prompted mostly courteous responses.

With that behind us, below is a feature on a Reds pitcher that everyone should agree is having a fantastic season: Aroldis Chapman. The closer was featured on MLB Network the other night.


He is a phenom no question. I don’t think that there is a batter in either league that wants to face this guy.

So the reds are not your tavorite team?

Journalists are supposed to be unbias.

Yes, but Mark is the REDS beat reporter. I think it’s OK to say the REDS are your favorite team, IF that’s the case. Unless they actually AREN’T his favorite team, and he’s ashamed to say who is? C’mon Mark! You can tell us!

He is not the REDS reporter. He is hired by to cover the Cincinnati franchise. Unless he grew up in the area, which is unlikely, he is highly unlikely to be emotionally attached to the Reds.

Aroldis should buy stock in Louisville Slugger — more often than not when batters do make contact, they leave a splintered bat on the infield!

Hey Curt, I’m sure your floating aorund out there somewhere. I just wanted to let you know that if Pittsburgh is going to finish below .500 like you said they would. They would need to go 11-21 the rest of the way out. It’s possible for the way they have been playing. They definitely did fall off as you projected, but under .500 seems a little out of reach.

Ya, I can’t belive they took 4 of 6 from St. Louis. They faltered like I thought they would, but I guess they still have their heads above water a little bit. Here’s hoping for a Braves Dodgers wild card matchup.

Man, I don’t know why, but the last team I am going to want to see in the first round is the Dodgers.

on another topic. I do believe Dusty has found the winning lineup for the playoffs today. Heisey is a beast, this guy is stealing CF away from Stubbs and there is very little that Dusty can do about it. Heisey is hot right now and todays win in a grand part is placed square on his shoulders. He just gets on base. Great lineup today Dusty! Oh and how about Navarro? Did we find our third rookie in a row to strike lightening with? This guy is something else and where in the world did he come from?

Navarro is a past all-star. He has been in the league for a while. Your dreaming if you think Heisey is going to be the regular CF. Dusty will stay with Stubbs. I do have a question for Mr. Mark My Word. You are on the Dusty bandwagon, what about one of the base players in the national league. Why is there on baton twirling for Brandon Phillips as MVP. He has did everything ask of him. Lead-off, clean-up, run producer, RBIs, runs scored, gold glove, high-light reel etc. etc. I don’t think he gets near enough respect in the national league, by fans or the Reds.I cannot believe the Reds fan base didn’t overwhelm the all-star ballots. Give three players that have been more valuable to the league best teams We as fans need to start chanting MVP when Phillips is at bat!!

1. Not on anyone’s bandwagon. 2. I don’t believe Phillips is a MVP candidate.

It’s ok to agree to disagree, I would have appreciated answering the question name three more valuable players to the leagues best teams. Ian Casselberry of MLB brought up Michael Bourn and David Wright not just for their numbers but because of their defense. Great Numbers, Great player does not make you the Most Valuable Players i.e. last years race; Ryan Braun vs. Matt Kemp, Kemp didn’t play for a contender. Braun numbers were not better than Kemp. The flexibility of Phillips, good numbers even with all the line-up flip-flopping, great defense, the willingness to do whatever to help team win. The one continuous player that has produced regularly all years for maybe the best team in Baseball. Sounds like an MVP candidate to me.
Still would appreciate the names of three other players.

I will start with McCutchen, Posey and Braun. Not saying Phillips shouldn’t be listed in the top 10.

Cannot disagree about McCutchen. Posey? Molina’s numbers are as relative and Molina is a better defender. Not Braun doesn’t play for a contender, Holiday’s number are similar and he’s playing for a wildcard. Braun will get his Silver Sluggers, as he should, maybe the Hank Aaron, should not be considered in the running for the MVP. McCuthen is a diffficult argument he has the intangibles. The intangibles of Phillips is why I pick him. His numbers are good(much like K. Gibson 1988) but look at the intangibles. Batted wherever Dusty has put him with success. When batting in RBI positions has had two of the worst tablesetters in MLB baseball(maybe in the history of Baseball) still he’s top 25 RBI in the NL and he’s not a power hitter. He’s in the top 20 in runs scored, top 15 in Hits. Who has his defensive range at 2nd base? He is the gold glove winner. Intangibles is what makes Phillips the MVP. That being said, your right he “may” be in the top ten. I’m not sure why, but the league doesn’t seem to have any respect for this young man.
” Maybe there is a story there,” LaRussa is not the only reason Phillips didn’t make the AllStar team.

Here is my thoughts on the mvp candidate. I do agree it should be the one who has helped a team the most.
Braun disqualified immediately because he is now permanently linked to steroids better worst. End of discussion with me.
Phillips though he is a good player, possibly the best fielding second baseman in baseball he will not get my vote. Phillips has run into trouble more than once for lack of hustle. Not only that but until recent he has showed very little team attitude. This year he is changing, maybe he is maturing but I think that the influence of winning is giving him some greater insight on what it takes to win.
McCuthen, yes hard to disagree with him on pure numbers. If it is based upon numerical value only then he wins, but if the Pirates are not in to win either the division or the wild card he should not be considered in my opinion. Same goes with Holliday.
To me the Most Valuable Player in the league, both leagues actually, if you base it upon the percentage of wins influenced you would have to give it to Chapman. The guy is practically unhittable. 34 saves plus what 5 wins 39 of our 81 wins he has decided. Almost 50% Does anyone else batter or pitcher have a greater influence on their teams success? Imagine the pressure he is also taking off our starters. They can easily now say in the 6th or 7th, “Dusty call the firemen to put out the fire cause I’m tired. “Consider where the Reds would be without him. Marshall and late comer Broxton, Simon, and others have proven they don’t have closing material. Chapman not only has closing material but he has lights out material. He has put himself as the clear successor to Mariano Rivera as the best closer in baseball and quite possibly the best arm in all of baseball.

I cannot disagree with Chapman. He probably is the MVP of the league. The way it works is he must win the Cy Young. Relief pitchers seldom win that. No Cy Young very probably no MVP. McCutchen has carried the Pirates, but of late his numbers are on the decline. He’s young and not been under this kinda media exposure. He’s probably pressing because Pittsburgh is losing. Jay Bruce may jump into the picture big time if he continues with this streak. He’s on one of those kinda hitting streaks where is puts the team on his back. That being said, Phillips has been consistent and did everything ask of him. I don’t believe it’s lack of hustle. It’s lack of focus. Past years are just that “past”. Winning can change a team, a player, an organization. Baker goes from crusty to Dusty regularly and not just by the fans, media too. It’s all about winning.

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