8/29 at ARI

Reds lineup vs. D-backs

Cozart 6
Stubbs 8
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Frazier 5
Heisey 7
Cairo 3
Navarro 2
Latos 1

*UPDATE – When asked about the Reds still scoring five runs while the top two of Cozart and Stubbs combined to go 0-for-10, Reds manager Dusty Baker wasn’t looking backwards. He also seemingly had a message for people critical of his daily lineups.

“That was yesterday. Today it could be them,” Baker said. “As long as it’s somebody. Everybody is looking for the perfect team, the perfect lineup. There aren’t any. Even the mighty Yankees aren’t perfect. We have a better record than they do. The Yankees, the Dodgers and some of these teams, their payrolls is twice as much as ours trying to get perfect and it’s still not perfect. The name of the game is win. You’re always going to try to find something you’re not doing. It depends on how your outlook in life is. Are you a half-empty or half-full person? I find that most people are half-empty people. I don’t deal with them. I don’t listen to them.”

*Joey Votto came out of Tuesday’s rehab game at Class A Dayton OK, but reported some soreness. He is still slated to play tonight and it’s still likely he’ll rejoin the Reds on Saturday.

*Thursday will give the Reds their third off day in the second half. Because of the doubleheader vs. the Cubs on Aug. 18, they’ve had a stretch of 34 games in 34 days. There will be four off days in September, however.

*On Thursday at 9 p.m. ET, the Reds will be featured on NBC Sports Network/MLB Productions new series “Caught Looking.” The production crews shot their stuff all last weekend as the Reds and Cardinals played. I was interviewed, but I don’t know if I will make the cut.



Stay Hot fella’s! Good luck today!

“Caught Looking” – Sounds like a documentary on Drew Stubbs!


I’m curious…is Navarro replacing Mesoroco through the balance of the season? I don’t believe Mesoroco has ever really caught on to Major League pitching Navarro was an all star in recent years. Also…Does Cairo have another year on his contract? He hasn’t come up to his level of play of last year.I guess his age is taken his toll.

Navarro was an all-star in 2008. That is not a recent year in baseball terms. Other NL players who played in that game are Billy Wagner, Brandon Webb, Kerry Wood, and Miguel Tejada who are not in the league anymore. Since his all-star year, he has hit .206 in four years at the major league level. Devin Mesoraco has hit .210 this year.

Also, according to BaseballProspectus, Cairo is a FA after this season.

Dusty’s comparison with the Yankees is crap. They play in the hardest division in baseball while we have two of the worst teams in baseball in ours. Other than the daily lineup BS, Dusty has had a hell of a managerial season.

I certainly understand Dusty getting tired of having his lineups second guessed.

However, there is considerable research to back that putting high OBP guys at the top of the lineup yields the best results. ( See http://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2009/3/17/795946/optimizing-your-lineup-by)

While I fully realize the Reds have the best win-loss record in MLB at the moment, it could be even better with better lineups. I say why not try it, and see what happens.

My general lineup would be:
1. Phillips
2. Hanigan
3. Votto/Frazier (1B)
4. Bruce
5. Ludwick/Frazier (LF)
6. Rolen
7. Cozart
8. Stubbs
9. Pitcher

You can call me a ‘glass half empty’ guy, but I am actaully a perfectionist who always strives for the best my team can do. Nothing wrong with that, and in the playoffs it may make the difference between winning or losing.

hanigan is way to slow for the #2 slot. Heisey would be better playing in rf and Bruce in CF. As other members have commented on Bruce was originally signed as a CF.
Stubbs would give us a great option off of the bench either as a hitter or a runner. Heisey batted .260 last year and 18 dingers. Why he isn’t getting more playing time just doesn’t add up. There must be a story we don’t know about.

“Today it could be them.” Of course it could. But the numbers are pretty clear — the odds are that it won’t be them. Isn’t that what baseball is about — playing the odds? Too bad Sheldon is loathe to point that out to Baker. Apparently, it would be a great injustice to journalism if he was to risk upsetting the very guy he is paid to cover. Access over journalistic responsibilities, right?

Ya, Sheldon go in demand answers from Baker on why his lineups suck. Ask him why we aren’t 15 games in first. Do it.

Reds are having a great season! We are critical of his decisions Curt that is who we are and that is what we do. For a fan of any team to see a guy like Stubbs struggle this badly and then to look up and see him in the lineup day after day… I’m sure by now even Jocketty is starting to wonder what is going on. Who knows? Maybe it is Jocketty that is keeping Baker keeping Stubbs in the lineup. And you know what? As long as they keep winning I don’t really care. Now if we get swept in the playoffs again you know I’ll be the first one here pointing fingers at dusty for not making stubbs our bench warmer.

Really have very little problem with Dusty’s line ups. First he is able to draw on his experience as a player to fully understand the strain a 162 game sesaon can put on a player. I’ll assume no one posting has that first hand knowledge.He understands the grind. Actually there is not a true leadoff hitter on the roster. BP is probably the best option but let me remind everyone when we switched him to the 4 hole we were 4-8. I’ll let you guys do the math. While many want Hanigan to hit second let me remind everyone he isn’t a everyday player. He catches 3/5’s of the rotation and his production in the 8 hole has been very good and a big part of turning the line up over all season. The fact that he is producing at the rate he is, in my opinion is because Dusty hasn’t over used him. While I am like most and would perfer two guys at the top of the line up who swing and miss less and get on base more, on this roster that doesn’t exist. Everyone is yelling for BP but a short time ago people were screaming for Ludwick and Rolen to be released. Dusty is getting quite a bit of offense out of a group that is minus his league MVP. Lets realize one thing Pitching is what will carry this team in the playoffs. If we continue to get quality starts and a shutdown back of the bull pen we will be tough to beat.Lets quit trying to fix what isn’t broken and get behind this team and its manager. Least we forget playoff appearances were very VERY rare before Dusty got here.

Right on, Jim! This has been such a great season. Go Reds!

Listening to the game and just heard the Hall of Famer say he though Stubbs should sit when Votto gets back, with Frazier in left, Bruce in center, and Ludwick in right. I guess Dusty is smarter than him too!

How many games has Marty won as a manager?

You seriously going to back Dusty Baker’s decision to put what is more than likely going to be the rookie of the year on the bench as a non starter over a guy who as of right now looks like he is going to finish the entire season batting under .220? Dusty Baker isn’t beyond being questioned. Look it is our pitching that is getting it done right now. Thank Goodness for that! You see how we struggled against St. Louis? Why did we struggle? Well, honestly it is because we have to many hitters in our lineup that can’t hit above .250. Yes, Latos came undone and cost us a game, but with Stubbs, Cozart, Rolen, and Cairo all struggling at the same time. You are talking about a manager whoih is going to start two batters that are struggling and benching one that is not? Defend him all you want but starting Stubbs makes zero sense. None. The most logical choice Is LF Ludwick CF Bruce RF Frazier. Stubbs off the bench and pinch hitter. You can’t really find a better argument other than Dusty knows best? That is like re electing a public official with. I don’t see your reasoning, Curt’s or Dusty’s. No I am not a manager, however, I have followed baseball for 40 years and though I don’t have all the information about why Stubbs is getting all the at bats I do know that it is clear that Dusty and or Jocketty has an investment in him. When Drew is good he is awesome, but how long do you stick with potential and past success before you realize it is time to move on and try something else? In major league baseball if you don’t hit above .250 the gm is looking for your replacement. Ask Jocketty yourself. If he doesn’t turn it around soon no matter what we say is going to change what the Reds do to him and my guess is next year he won’t be our starting Center Fielder and he just might be down at Louisville for a very long time, if he doesn’t get himself released or traded.

I guess as many as all of you Dusty lovers have!

Well said Dale. It makes no sense to keep running him out there. And yes the pitching, along with Ludwick and Frazier, have carried this team. Dusty has been fortunate that he hasn’t had to make many big decisions. He hasn’t had to worry about starting pitching. We have made the fewest roster moves. The fact is we are in first because of pitching and health and not because of Dusty’s managing. Oh, and Curt, that terrible Heisey hit a 442 foot homer. And so far Stubbs is 0-3 with 3 more strikeouts!

Nice game by Heisey. This team is believing and picking each other up. Why must there be a arguement on every blog instead of celebrating the fact we have a very good team and will be a tough out in playoffs. Something most who post should wrap their arms around is No one posting on here is qualified to do what Dusty is doing. You can disagree with him but at least be happy his way is working well. He is about to deliver 2 division titles in the last 3 years. Anyone care to guess when the last time that happened?

well said Jim. My point previously was that it is not Marty that must answer for what this team does or how well it plays. Dusty Baker does and the main problem is that Dusty has to play with the hand that he is dealt. It does not make a lot of sense to me is to move Bruce to a position that he has not played since 2008, making the teams defense weaker. I would be fine with reoplacing Stubbs at this point if we had a person who played CF everyday, from the minors or majors.

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