8/28 at ARI

Reds lineup vs. D-backs

Cozart 6
Stubbs 8
Phillips 4
Ludwick 7
Frazier 3
Rolen 5
Heisey 9
Hanigan 2
Cueto 1

*Joey Votto’s rehab assignment begins tonight at Class A Dayton.

*Here’s an interesting tidbit out of the Reds game notes: the Reds’ bullpen leads the Major Leagues in ERA (2.81) and averages 10.06 strikeouts per 9 innings, which according to Elias Sports Bureau would be the highest season average for a relief staff in Major League history.

*LHP Wade Miley is going against Johnny Cueto tonight. This could be a very enjoyable matchup. And for a matchup inside the matchup, the two leading candidates for NL Rookie of the Year will be in opposition between Miley and Todd Frazier. Not that the outcome of one game will settle who might win it, but fun nonetheless.


Mark, you’re around him more than we, the fans, are. Why in the world does Dusty keep shoving Strikeout Stubbs to the top of the order? It really makes no sense at all. I was at Saturday’s game and watched him make contact with ONE swing in his first four AB’s out of 13 swings. Defensively Stubbs is a genius, but he shouldn’t ever bat in the top of the order until he learns or re-learns how to make contact.

Because Votto is hurt and there aren’t too man options (don’t start with Hanigan at No. 2 hitter. I will shoot holes into that theory). I would be SHOCKED if Stubbs is at or near the top of the order once Votto returns. Phillips will go back to leading off, Cozart 2nd, Votto 3rd and Ludwick 4th.

My first thought- Very nice day to give Jay a break. I like this lineup tonight.

Ryan, because Dusty believes in Drew, just like a good manager would. Drew has all the tools and even though stats don’t indicate it right now, he belongs at the top of the order. He will be a top of the order hitter in the future, but I agree, he is not now. But the Reds have no other options right now. When he does get on base, he’s a major base stealing threat and could score on a ball in the gap from first to home. You don’t put speed like that at the bottom of the order so that he can get on base for the pitcher to bunt him over? To be honest, when JV is back, he won’t be hitting there. Just looking at this lineup really makes me feel good about the stretch run. It will be: Good luck tonight Reds. Keep it rolling!

Phillips- 2B
Cozart- SS
Votto- 1B
Ludwick- LF
Bruce- RF
Frazier- 3B
Stubbs- CF
Hanigan- C

T know it will never happen…..but the ideal slot for Mr. trikeout Stubbs is 9th……like old
tony Larussa was a genius to do often. If Stubbs should just happen to get on……..the top of the order would then come next to try to move him around!!!!!!!!!!! Think it through…it makes a whole lot of sense.
Mike Christian

Mike couldn’t agree more. Really think the reds are going to finish strong. A few more arms for the pen and a third catcher will enable Dusty to have a extra bat on the bench and the obvious is we get Joey back. Hopefully we can close it out quickly and maybe give some guys in the rotation a rest.

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