8/27 at ARI

Reds lineup vs. D-Backs

Stubbs 8
Valdez 6
Phillips 4
Ludwick 7
Bruce 9
Frazier 3
Rolen 5
Hanigan 2
Arroyo 1


somewhere we need to find some lh hitters and more bench strength.Jocketty needs to give Baker the tools to assure the fans that we can win if all goes well—-please don’t blame Baker if the GM is foolish.

David Silverwood, That is the best comment on a board about the Reds that I have read this year!

I like the idea of Stubbs pinch hitting for a while. If he is riding the pine maybe he can observe what is a ball and what is a strike. Not only that but he would be available as a pinch runner and he does have the unteachable skill of speed. Oh and to add to points on bringing up Billy Hamilton as our pinch hitter… he is a switch hitter how about those apples?

i dont think its the simple he cant tell the difference between a ball and a strike. I think its the simple fact that he is putting to much pressure on himself to not slump. i mean think about it when he is on he is among the best but when he is in a slump he just looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders and we all know it is coming from himself. The reason i say this now, i HAD the same problem. He needs someone he trusts completely to help him pull out of this or else it wont end, period.

We all face similar situations in life. He needs to go down to AAA for another year or two clearly Stubbs is not Major League Material. Now if he was clocking 35 to 40 homeruns like Rob Deer then all would be forgiven. But Stubbs is dreadful at the plate one of the worst starting players in all of baseball and they have him batting second in the order???

He’s not 2nd today! Dusty has him batting leadoff. Yea.

We would have better luck with Arroyo batting leadoff. I hope Stubbs has a break out game I really do, I’m rooting for him but at the same time how long do you stay with a guy that is just sucking gas? Heisey deserves the right to play at least 50%. Heisey had 18 home runs last year, did we all forget about that?

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