Reds drop two of three to STL

Is losing by an 8-2 score to the Cardinals and dropping two out of three mean the end of the Reds and civilization as we know it? Probably not. But that was a series that they really didn’t need to lose.

A team like the Cardinals, which just made a big comeback in the standings last season, don’t need any more reasons to believe in themselves and their chances. They are now six games back in the NL Central. The good news for the Reds is there is only one more series where they meet the Cardinals again — the final three days of the regular season at St. Louis. There are also only 33 games left for the Reds. They have the situation in their control and now, need to keep it that way.

Even though the Reds are hitting the road, this is a good chance to get things right. They are 26-20 lifetime at Chase Field, where they’ll meet the Diamondbacks Monday-Wednesday. Then after a much-needed off day Thursday, the trip moves to Houston. You know how the Astros are doing this season.

You can tell the Reds lack some spring in their step lately. No wonder. By the time they finish in Arizona on Wednesday, they will have played 34 games over 34 days with only one off day.

The Three Stars:

No. 3 star: Allen Craig, STL — 3-for-5, HR, 3 RBIs. Craig hit a two-run homer off of Homer Bailey in the sixth. He has 71 RBIs in 85 games this season.

No. 2 star: Adam Wainwright, STL — 5 2/3 ip, 6 H, 2 R, 0 BB, 2 K, 1 HBP, 90 pitches/65 strikes. Wainwright had the Reds buried over his first five scoreless innings, and faced the minimum over the first four innings. Until the sixth, he hadn’t let anyone get past first base. The only big challenge he had was a 12-pitch at-bat vs. Brandon Phillips in the fourth before Phillips flied out. He is 5-0 with a 1.23 ERA in his last five starts and hasn’t given up more than two runs in a start since July 13 vs. the Reds.

“It was just a slow game. You couldn’t fathom it. It was really slow,” Todd Frazier said of Wainwright. “It felt like he was lulling us to sleep I guess. He’s been doing it for a long time now. He knows what he’s doing.”

No. 1 star: Matt Holliday, STL — 4-for-5, four RBIs Holliday was a homer shy of the cycle but had himself some clutch hits. A two-out single to left field in the third scored two runs. In the seventh also with two outs, he helped put the game away with a RBI double to left field.

“I gave myself the whole at-bat, he just didn’t give me anything to hit,” said Holliday of going for the cycle. He singled in his final at-bat off of Jose Arredondo. “I’m not even sure the first one was a good pitch. I was going for it, but I didn’t get many pitches. He was pitching me pretty tough.”

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News and notes:

*Homer Bailey’s line: 6 ip, 9 H, 5 R, 0 BB, 3 K, 94 pitches/61 strikes. Bailey didn’t succeed at putting hitters away when he needed to and had five hits against him when there were two strikes. One of them was Jon Jay’s RBI single with one out and a 0-2 count. Another was Craig’s homer on a 1-2 pitch in the sixth. In the third, there were four-straight hits on the ground.

“That’s just the way it goes. I can hold my head up high,” Bailey said. “I threw the ball well. Four groundball singles in the third. I’m trying to get groundballs to roll a double play and keep it in the yard. I did my job. They found the holes. That’s a really good hitting team over there.”

*The 17 hits allowed by Reds pitchers was a new season high.

*Scott Rolen’s double in the seventh inning was career double No. 515, which tied him with Joe Cronin for 45th all time.

*The Reds are now 9-2-2 in series since the All-Star break. That’s still quite good.

Headed to Arizona….


I just knew we would lose 2-of-3 when I saw Garcia and Wainwright were scheduled to start. It didn’t workout as I thought it would, but the results the same. They do look tired, though, but the D-Backs are struggling right now, so we may catch a break, but that’s a long plane ride out there. Meanwhile, it’s Pittsburgh’s turn to tangle with St. Louis. That should be good.

We probably should hope St. Louis doesn’t make the playoffs. They’ pretty tough on offense.

if it means dusty is gone, i’ll sacrifice this year. dusty makes bob boone look like he knows what he’s doing

I’m very concerned with the inconsistency of Homer Bailey as we get closer to the end of the season and Postseason. Lately, you just don’t know what you will get when he goes out there. I wish there was a Starting pitcher out there on the waiver wire that has a solid record that we could pick up for the stretch run.

Leake and Bailey are really in the same boat. Maybe their young arms are showing the wear of so many innings. I think both would make excellent long relief pitchers but neither will ever be more than a #5 starter which is what both Bailey and Leake have turned out to be. Bailey is the pitcher that could never live up to his potential and just like his name loves to give up the Homer.

I suspect Bailey will be traded in the offseason for a few minor leaguers to help refill our farm system. Lookiing at his salary, this lack of growth, inability to lock in during crunch time. I just don’t see the Reds investing anymore into him. Not as a starter at least. He would make one heck of a relief pitcher though if he could pitch on consecutive days.
Leake still has another year or two to show some maturity and develop consistence. He can hit as well, something that Bailey doesn’t contribute at all.
Looking at it now, the Reds gave up to much for Broxton. Broxton can’t even pitch every other night and apparently has attitude about not being the closer. Does he think he is worthy of uprooting Chapman?

agree with you on Bailey..Leake doesn’t have great stuff, but he might end up being crafty..didn’t know Broxton had an concern with him is his arm health and his weight.

Latos has a pretty good run until that one inning. Not sure why you are saying he can’t go six anymore. Besides he is the same as Bailey I think and such a more mature pitcher overall. Bailey has been developing now for what 5 years? We just got Latos. He started out pretty rough and then got into a sweet rhythm there for several games. His last game he came undone when he didn’t cover first base. So, yeah you can say he has maturity issues too but I think long term he will be a more successful starting pitcher than Bailey.

I disagree. I’m not overly concerned about Bailey at this point (despite yesterday’s outing vs. a talented Cardinal offense). If he did have a penchant for giving up way too many HR’s it’s been in no way a consistent problem this year. Also, five years is not a long time for a relatively young starting pitcher in MLB to refine his pitching abilities and mature with the mental aspects (for example, strong arming pitches and missing locations.). I’m not opposed to trading Bailey or Leake if it makes sense. But as far as either one ending up in the bullpen, that’s not quite happening just yet.

I don’t buy the “young arm” argument of shutting down a starter late in the season. Perhaps young in the sense that there’s a lack of big game experience, which is what I would be MORE inclined to worry about. Mat Latos lacks this as well, don’t forget.

Lastly, the magic max number (max number of innings Stephen Staussberg has left this season, for example) of innings is fine to use as a measuring stick towards the end of the season, but in this day and age of technical expertise a talented young 20-something Mlb player ought to be able to extend themselves another month if carefully and properly looked after.

Good information. I would still pick Latos over Bailey for long term investment. This is Baileys first season over 150 innings. Latos has already done this a few times. Latos is just 24, Bailey is only 2 years older but looking at them pitch…. Latos pitches with much more maturity. Bailey’s career ERA is 4.72. considering he is a 6 inning kind of a guy that really means that the Reds have to score 7 or 8 runs a game he starts in order for us to win. Latos career ERA is at 3.50 but batters are only hitting .230 off of him compared to Bailey’s .282. To me that is it. Bailey gives up to many hits to often. .282 average for hitters? He would make Stubbs look like an all star if he got to face him every day.
Leake’s number aren’t all that great either but I think he gets a pass on me because he is so young and not ever had minor league coaching either is quite impressive. Best case scenario the Reds don’t invest in either Bailey or Leake long term and go after the very best #4 and #5 pitchers in the league, but then again they just might be up there since both of them at least can pitch a complete game from time to time. How many teams have #4 and #5 starters that can never go past six? Quite a few, the Reds are fine with the team they have and I’m just a perfectionist.

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