8/24 vs. STL

Reds lineup vs. Cardinals

Cozart 6
Stubbs 8
Phillips 4
Ludwick 7
Bruce 9
Frazier 3
Rolen 5
Hanigan 2
Latos 1

*This could be a big series, especially if the Reds don’t win. Right now, they’re seven games up on the second-place Cardinals. If St. Louis sweeps or gets two out of three, things could get a little hot under the collar for Cincinnati because then the Cardinals would be back within striking distance. If the Reds win the series, or sweep, they could head to Arizona either nine or 10 games up and feel even better about their situation before getting Joey Votto back.

*The Reds remain a MLB-best 29-12 since the All-Star break. At 76-50 entering the night, they are on pace for 97 wins.


Mark I was disappointed with the style of play during Philadelphia series. Play was very uneven….

Mark, What is your guess on when Votto will return?

It’d be either 8 games up with a series win, or 10 with a sweep right? Nine can’t happen.

did the reds claim upton? sure would be nice to see him in center. 🙂 we’ll trade that barry hamilton kid for him.

I think his name’s Boris.


almost hope reds blow the 7 game lead. should seal dusty’s fate. maybe the worst manager in the league. pinch hit heisey for valdez in the 11th inning last night. yeah…you always want to pinch hit for a position player in a extra inning game

simon sure is an upgrade over ondrusek. wait, he’s over 30. with dusty that makes him a stud.

can’t wait to see tommorows line up. should see cairo, valdez, and navarro in the lineup, and most probably paul for bruce. need the over 30 presence on a saturday after a loss on friday

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