Mesoraco optioned

Devin Mesoraco’s 2 game suspension is over but on Thursday, he was optioned to Triple A Louisville. RHP JJ Hoover was recalled.

That means C Dioner Navarro is staying. This could be more ABs for Mesoraco in Louisville.

Mesoraco was batting .210 with 5 HR and 14 RBI in 52 games — primarily catching Homer Bailey and Mike Leake. Reds manager Dusty Baker met with him this afternoon and hoped he can get into a groove and find fun in the game again in Louisville.

Also — Mesoraco can still be eligible for the postseason roster despite this move and could still make the team.

“We’re hoping that’s what the final outcome is,” Baker said. “It depends on him and depends on the progress that he makes. We really want to stress that it has nothing to do with his suspension. This has kind of been dabbled about for a while. We could see his confidence has gone down some. We want to get his confidence back, offensively, defensively, throwing and all kind of ways.

“It’s a tough position like I said in Spring Training when you have a rookie catcher that’s not playing every day and the fact that Hanigan was playing so well.”


Meseroco has done very little to impress. Do you think Navarro will be any better?

I agree. The good thing about going down is he will be able to get AB’s while catching and when they use the DH. He and the team are better off this way.

How does this impact his playoff eligibility, since by the ten day rule, he would not be on the 25-man on August 31st?

It doesn’t impact it because he has been up previously during the season.

So apparently I am wrong about Mesoraco on the playoff roster. Still like the move though.

Can’t be worse. Navarro is one of the few batters left in Louisville that is batting over .300

My thoughts exactly.

Not to mention Mesoraco’s poor throwing abilities (22% CS%; 26% is league average).

I think that is why the Reds made this move now instead of later. They have a month now to look at Navarro as a backup. Who knows this guy might hit 10 homers for us over the next month. I kind of doubt it but then again I kind of doubt he can do worse than Mesoraco batting average either. I am just waiting for Cairo to be released that will be coming shortly as well. He serves not purpose but filler on our roster.

Cairo wont be released……he just wont make the post season roster, and then not get resigned for next year.

Very true. Cairo is a great team player but a I think for him the bus has left the station.

I’ve been wondering how they haven’t tried someone to replace Cairo yet. I have to believe there is someone who could be better in AAA, or that has been put on waivers.

How many players does a team get for the postseason roster?


dusty, and a little walt, at work again. never like the young guys. mesoraco optioned out, hinted frazier will play much less when votto returns. wouldn’t be surprised if valdez sees more time at short.

By the time Votto comes back Rollins will be due for another sore back or sore shoulder or sore something and Frazier will play third, no problem.

if votto returns before sept 1, heisey gets sent down. hardly getting any AB’s now. cairo has become the 1st pinch hitting option

we need someone on the bench that has speed, and doesn’t strike out alot. Only one guy comes to mind and he is down in AA.

Yes, he can steal bases but hitting is a LOT different at the ML level than at AA.

I agree. I think that the Reds are gambling on a few things too. Most of our gambles have paid off this year but there is definitely a story behind Cairo, why we havent’ moved him on and brought up someone else

Some of you guys are real conspiracy theorists with this Dusty is against young guys stuff. Meso wasn’t hitting much. Navarro has at AAA. There’s no way they send Heisey down when Votto is back. He’s a guy that has speed, and the only other real CF they have.

I don’t think he is “against young guys”, but I know he is pro veteran. Example: The day Ludwick started hitting again, he promoted him to full time LF over Heisey. Yet, Frazier has proven himself over Rolen in FLD % .940 to .963%. overall yearly batting numbers; and even August batting numbers, yet Baker continues to platoon. Frazier is 11 years younger; obviously faster, yet all I hear is that Rolen is a ‘defensive wizard’. Yes, he once was but nobody, but nobody can slow down aging. Yet he’s Baker’s veteran and plays 3B over an agressive, power laden, super glove, plus arm, young kid that doesn’t have any ailments, including a bad back every other day.

Agreed…Not a chance in Hell that Heisey gets sent down. No offense, but that is a very irrational thought..

couldn’t agree more with Ryan on Rolen. Frazier should be our everyday third basemen. Let Rolen spot Frazier and Votto. He would have better numbers that way. Personally I think Heisley is a better option at CF right now than Stubbs. Stubbs is not a gold glover people. yes he is fast and yes he is good but he is not nearly that good. Let Heisley have his chance now Stubbs has had what 3 years now to prove he can hit a ball on a regular basis and 1 hit per 4 at bats with the other 3 being strike outs doesn’t count.

No doubt Hiesey should play more, but dam these are nice problems to have.

I was kind of thinking the same thing. Good problems whenever you have to decide between good and good. At least Stubbs has his up sides to. Heisey has been a pretty good hitter since arriving. Ludwick was a stroke of lightening. Same thing with Frazier. Where would we be without those two? Oh and cozart. He has taken short and now it is his to lose. Our only two holes is 1) center field and 2) backup catcher everthing else is a luxury to have.

Yeah. Let’s put Rolen on the ice floe like the Inuit are said to do. He’s no good at all. He should repay his salary, too!

I think the Inuit just set them outside at night and hope a polar bear carries them off, anyway, ice floes in Ohio are pretty rare.

Can we substitute a Cubbie for a polar bear?

Thank God for Ryan Hanigan. When you factor in his leadership, defense and game management, is there a more underrated player? He is fabulous calling games and throwing out runners, he helps direct the defense, and he has a high contact rate at the plate. I’m could make a case that Hanigan is one of the top 5 most valuable players on the team.

Let’s not forget guys. Navarro is a left handed bat that can also play some first base. Sending Meso down is 100% the correct move. He hasn’t hit because he’s not getting consistent at bats like he has throughout his whole career, starting in the little leagues. That is very tough on a ball player. Navarro will maybe catch one game a week and I will really love seeing Hanigan’s name on that lineup card every 5 out of 6 days. Navarro WILL be a huge liability defensively compared to Meso though. Just hoping it does not beat up Hangian too much.

any votto news????

It’s on the Reds web site. Won’t know anything else until getting to the park and clubhouse

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