8/23 at PHI

Reds lineup vs. Phillies

Cozart 6
Stubbs 8
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Frazier 5
Cairo 3
Valdez 4
Hanigan 2
Cueto 1

*This will be a good pitching matchup. Going against Johnny Cueto is LHP Cole Hamels, who is 7-0, with a 1.44 ERA and two complete games in the regular season lifetime vs. the Reds. In the 2010 NLDS, Hamels buried the Reds with a five-hit complete game shutout as well.


There’s been a lot of negative opinions about Cairo & Valdez of late. Tonight may give those folks more to grumble about, or shut them up. I’d prefer the latter.

but why sit both Phillips and Rolen……its a night game, not a day game. Give one of them a break but not both at the same time.

Just go look at the lineups for the games that Cueto pitches. They are always like this, it’s just the way Dusty does it. And really, we can’t complain.

Mark, I can see resting the delicate Rollens, but what’s wrong with Brandon? Did he eat too many cheese steak sandwiches?

I’m thinking Brandon looked a little tight/sore at the plate last night. I could be wrong, but that might be the reason. Why else? A lefty’s going, and he’s hitting.

Brandon has looked like he could use a day off all week. I was at the game Tuesday night and I was telling my buddy that Brandon looked like he needed a day off. You have the Cardinals at home this weekend so you are not going to give him the day off then, so tonight makes sense. With the pitching matchup as is, it may be better to be able to bring Brandon or Rolen off the bench in the late innings as a PH rather than have them struggle against Hamels.

To more prove the point that Cueto should be this years Cy Young… How many games has Dusty posted this type of line up when he is pitching. Cueto would probably have 4 more wins if given the starting line up all year. It is kind of sad how it seems he always gets the B team.

Does Baker gamble against the Reds? If you ever wanted to lose a game Baker played that card from making out his lineup to the very end of the game. Who wants Baker managing the Reds in the future – not I!

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