Cozart, Frazier big in resilient win

That was a nice gut-check win for the Reds, especially at this ballpark, during a 5-4 victory over the Phillies. They survived a strong performance from Cliff Lee and their own bullpen blowing two saves in the late innings.

The Three Stars:

No. 3 star: Todd Frazier — 2-for-3, HR, double, RBI. The Reds blew their 3-1 lead in the bottom of the seventh. In the top of the eighth, Frazier hit a two-out homer, his 18th of the season. The drumbeat for Rookie of the Year gets louder.

No. 2 star: Kevin Frandsen, PHI — 3-for-4, RBI triple. It was Frandsen’s triple against Jonathan Broxton that made it a 4-4 game in the bottom of the eighth. He also made two spectacular diving plays and throws to get outs on defense.

No. 1 star: Zack Cozart — 2-for-4, HR, 2 RBIs. Cozart had a sacrifice fly in the three-run Reds seventh inning against Cliff Lee. But after the second blown save, he jumped all over Jonathan Papelbon’s first pitch fastball for the game-winning home run.

Fans often jump on players when they are aggressive and don’t “work the count.” This was a case where Cozart was right to attack the first pitch he saw.

“Any guy that has a fastball like that, you don’t want to fall behind,” Cozart said. “I was looking for a pitch out over the plate. He threw a fastball and I put a good swing on it.”

Click here for the game story

News and notes:

Homer Bailey’s line: 6 1/3 ip, 7 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 6 K, 100 pitches/61 strikes. It was  a strong performance for Bailey, who corrected a mechanical flaw since his last start. He had been struggling for much of the month. The Reds have won nine straight road starts made by Bailey, by the way.

“Homer pitched an outstanding game,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said.

*Aroldis Chapman earned his 30th save, and his 22nd consecutive save, in the ninth. He had a great defensive play. After a leadoff single, Chapman fielded a bunt from Jimmy Rollins and fired a laser to Cozart at second base. I wondered if it might have been high 90s, low 100s mph if there was radar on throws to second base. Cozart’s left hand might not be the same for a day or so.

“I was shocked because the way he went after it, I didn’t know he was 100 percent coming to me,” Cozart said. “Then when he turned around, I was like ‘here we go.’ He threw a good throw and got me pretty good, right in the palm. … We’ve done PFP’s (pitchers fielding practice) before so I was ready for it. … It was a little two-seamer too.”

*The Reds are now 10-21 all time at Citizens Bank Park, and snapped a seven-game losing streak to the Phillies going back to last season.

*And at Double-A Pensacola, SS Billy Hamilton broke Vince Coleman’s single season record of stolen bases in professional baseball. It was 145 set in 1983. Hamilton swiped three bags in the first game of a doubleheader to overtake Coleman.


The most under rated player for the Reds this year has been Ryan Hanigan. He rarely strikes out and often keeps an inning going by getting on base or moving a runner up a base. Last night after trying to bunt down the first base line twice he hit a single through the box and kept the inning going, which in turn kept the inning going. He does this sort of thing nearly every game and for some reason remains under the radar.

Agreed! I have always liked Hanigan and I’m glad he has earned his strips and playing really good ball for us. Top 10 catcher in the MLB in my opinion. Having a great season at the plate.

Sorry, going to disagree with that statement. Hanigan has had two good games out of the last three. Before that, he had 13 RBI’s in 120 games. He “handles the bat well” and “does the little things” but he hardly ever comes through when they need it.
Big win last night. Magic Number down to 31.

Pittsburgh is fading. Despite agreeing with you, Curt, that they would finish under .500, I hope they don’t. Bucs’ fans have suffered enough. Hanigan’s lack of RBI’s is a problem. In every other way, he’s been outstanding. 31 is a nice number. 30’s better. Go Reds!

Bucs fans may have suffered enough, but Pittsburgh fans deserve to suffer more.

Look, I know it’s dumb to worry about next year, when what’s happening now is pressing and exciting, but … if Chapman is made a starter, is anyone else wondering about Broxton as closer next year? (Is he just learning the batters now – typical league change stuff?) And, will Chapman have to be shut down a la Strasburg?

Hey Max, check out the thread from yesterday where I asked Mark this exact question.

Broxton is not under team control for next year, so he may or may not be a Red next year. Most of his career has been in the NL, so I am not buying the learning the hitters piece. If Chapman does start next year, I would not be suprised if they tried to limit his innings in come capacity. However, they may do it more like they did with Leake a few years back, where they would skip him if they had a day off and pull him after 6 to limit innings. Interesting prblems for next year, Hoover may be the long-term answer at closer.

“Fans often jump on players when they are aggressive and don’t “work the count.” This was a case where Cozart was right to attack the first pitch he saw.”

Your preoccupation with attacking fans is showing again. You make it sound like ‘fans’ are the only people who think it’s a good idea for batters to work the count. Many successful general managers, managers and players talk about the importance of working the count. Heard of the New York Yankees?

Instead of framing the issue as: “Many baseball experts often talk about the importance of working the count, but in this case…” or, recognizing the *obvious* legitimacy of working the count in many situations, “While generally it’s good for players to work the count, in this case…”

You apparently can’t pass up the opportunity to prove “fans often jump” wrong when a single contrary data point emerges.

I get it that you feel bombarded sometimes by fans and their idiotic twitter feeds, and I sympathize with that, but I think you’re letting it get to you.

STFU Steve!

I’m with Steve!

And belittling Mark about a comment he made instead of just posting about the Reds makes you better how, Steve?

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