Arroyo masterful in win

The Reds earned 3-2 win over the Phillies on Wednesday that gave them two wins in the series. At worst, they leave with a split or they can win their first series here since 2006 by beating Cole Hamels on Thursday. Johnny Cueto will start for the Reds.

The Three Stars:

No. 3 star: Jay Bruce — 2-for-4, HR, triple. Bruce now has 26 home runs to lead the team in that category and with 79 RBIs. His homer to RF in the fifth was long drive into the second deck of right field

No. 2 star: Domonic Brown, PHI — 2-for-3, HR, double. Brown was the big pesky hitter that got in Arroyo’s way. He hit Arroyo’s first pitch into the right field seats in the fifth to break up a perfect game. After that, Arroyo retired eight more in a row until Brown burned him a second time with a one-out double to the wall in right-center field. Brown robbed Arroyo of a hit with a nice diving catch in right field to end the top of the second. He also lost a ball in the lights in the fourth, which allowed Bruce to get a triple. Then he threw out Bruce trying to tag up and score of Todd Frazier’s fly for an inning-ending double play.

No. 1 star: Bronson Arroyo — 8 ip, 3 H, 2 ER, 0 BB, 4 K, 1 HR, 86 pitches/61 strikes. Arroyo was dominating and retired his 14 in a row and first 22 of 23. He hadn’t beaten the Phillies since 2000, when he pitched for the Pirates. Entering the night, he was 1-7 with a 7.28 ERA lifetime vs. PHI. He was 0-2 with a 18.00 ERA here.

“I can’t complain about anything, really,” Arroyo said. “My sinker was there. I had command of the strike zone. I got quick outs. It was as good of a ballgame as I could throw.”

The Reds now have four 10-game winners as Arroyo has moved to 10-7. The last time the Reds had four 10-game winners was 2000 and the pitchers were Steve Parris, Elmer Dessens, Ron Villone and Danny Graves.

Click here to read the game story.

News and notes:

*Aroldis Chapman took a broken bat off of his lower left leg in the ninth when Ty Wiggington notched a RBI single. Chapman was looked at briefly by the trainer but was expected to be OK. He had an ice pack but didn’t seemed bothered by the incident.

*Chapman now has 31 saves but that was his 23rd in a row, which tied a club record held by John Franco and Rob Dibble. I wrote about Chapman pre-game and you can read that story here.

*Todd Frazier has a seven-game hitting streak. He hit a second-inning single. During the streak, he is 10-for-23 (.435).



Apropos nothing: A show last night about UFO’s had an airline pilot reporting an object moving erratically with a bank of blue lights. Why would a UFO have lights? Anyone ever wonder? If you watched the first couple of innings, you couldn’t tell which team was s6 games over .500. It’s the late innings where the Reds shine, when they shine: a key defensive play and (finally) a key hit. Other than that, as near as I can see, it’s all like Arroyo’s pitching: smoke and mirrors. Go Reds!

One last thing: Gregorius and Rodriguez would need to be really special players to take Cozart’s spot. Defensively, he’s a keeper.

In my opinion. This team has everything Max and they are doing it all without their best player. I remember sitting back watching the whole 1990 season thinking, “man, there is really something special about this team.” Is it just me, or does anybody else have that same feeling?

The Reds have the magic that every championship team exhibits. One can but marvel. Dusty for manager of the year – Frazier for rookie of the year – Cueto for Cy Young, and Gold Gloves all around. And then, dare we say it? World Series rings. It doesn’t seem possible, and yet it’s happening right in front of our eyes. Go Reds!

Pretty crazy that 2 of the top 4 in the running for CY Young are Reds. Who would have thought that before the season started?

What Chapman has done is impossible to ignore and he is on pace to break a lot of ML records. But, he’s not a starter and how much will that hurt his votes? If he doesn’t win, it’s going to be hard not to give it to Cueto at this point. The Mets suck, so that does not help Dickey and Strasburg is about to get shut down. But there is still a ways to go so you never know. Gio Gonzalez could easily creep into the discussion as well….

any news on Votto lately, the clubhouse has been quiet about where he is really at??

I don’t know how you do this without hurting someones feelings, but I’ll say it anyway. How can you justify pulling a .294 (BA) out of a lineup and insert a .245 (BA)? That is what’s going to happen when Votto comes back to play first base…Rolen plays and Frazier rides the bench. Here’s the facts…Rolen has played 66 games (245 AB)…Frazier has played 90 games (349 AB). Rolen has committed 9 errors…Frazier has committed 4 errors. Frazier has the 2nd best OPS (.914) behind Votto. Batting Average…Rolen .245…Frazier .294. Home runs: Rolen 6…Frazier 18. Doubles…Rolen 13…Frazier 20.
Rolen is a multiple Gold Glove winner…that’s true. The question is…”what have you done for us lately?” I guess I don’t understand this line of thinking, but that is what Dusty is saying…”Rolen is going to play 3rd base when Votto comes back”.

What you guys have to remember is that Frazier will probably be playing 3 to 4 days a week when Votto Comes back. They will have to sit Rolen on day games and Votto will more than likely need a day off every 3 or 4 days. Then when we dont play Ludwick you will see Frazier in Left instead of Xavier Paul.

AJ is right, Frazier will still get at least four starts a week, no doubt. And why do people insist on arguing about lineups that won’t happen for a couple weeks?

My guess is Votto will return on Labor Day to face the Phillies in Cincinnati. If the Reds sew up the division by the 20th Frazier will play a lot the remainder of the season. From Labor Day to the 20th he might get 8 or 9 starts. Keep track.

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