Mesoraco gets two games

The Reds announced that C Devin Mesoraco will serve a two-game suspension Tuesday and Wednesday, which is one game less than the original three-game suspension that was levied after his contact in a July 30 argument with home plate umpire Chad Fairchild. Mesoraco, who appealed the original discipline from MLB, suffered a concussion from a collision one inning before that argument over balls and strikes with Fairchild.

The Reds have recalled catcher Dioner Navarro and optioned reliever Logan Ondrusek to Triple-A Louisville. Ondrusek allowed two runs and three hits over two innings in Monday’s loss. In August, he’s given up five runs over 6 2/3 innings (6.75 ERA in that stretch).

Mesoraco, who is batting .210 with five home runs and 14 RBIs in 52 games, is the regular catcher for Mike Leake and Homer Bailey. With Bailey starting vs. the Phillies on Tuesday, the Reds are starting Ryan Hanigan.


So, if I got this correct, I think Ondrusek has to go down for 10 days unless there is an injury. So now we are short a reliever. So when Mesoraco comes back in a couple of days and we send Navarro back down, does that mean Masset is going to be called up? Or maybe Bray?

If its Massett then we have to lose someone on the 40 man roster…….I think it will be Hoover, and then once the 10 days are done, and the roster expands everyone will be back

I was at the Bats game on Sunday, and I am a Bray fan, but he looked awful. I would think it would be JJ Hoover or Jordan Smith.

Or they just wait until Friday and send down Navarro and call up……Joey Votto.

Still don’t get how Ondrusek is going to be the odd man out. Because he should not be! Either Lecure or Simon should be the one’s headin down.

Look at the August numbers and see if you still think that way

Yeah, his August numbers have been bad. I was starting to question an injury or something. But Lecure has not been much better and in my opinion, Ondrusek is a far better pitcher than Lecure.

Lecure can go more innings than Ondrusek can. That is why he has been kept instead of Ondrusek.

We already have Simon to take care of the long inning work. I think something might be up with Logan to be honest.

Mark, Could you explain the rules involved in these transactions?

Reds have to play short and go with 24 men without Mesoraco. Any other player and this isn’t a problem. But they can’t go with only one catcher so they needed to make a move. As for Ondrusek, rule is anyone optioned to minors must spend at least 10 days down there, unless there is an injury.

Thank you for clearing that up.

Mark, does Masset have to pitch before September 1st to be on the playoff roster? I thought the rule said that a guy on the 60 day DL could be activated at anytime and put on the playoff roster, not necessarily before September 1st. Yes, no?

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