8/20 at PHI

Reds lineup vs. Phillies

Cozart 6
Heisey 8
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Rolen 5
Paul 7
Cairo 3
Mesoraco 2
Leake 1

*Although the Phillies are struggling this season, the Reds aren’t overlooking this series. They were 1-7 vs. the Phillies and are 4-15 at Citizens Bank Park the past five seasons. That includes last season’s 19-inning marathon loss. And this was the place that Phillie starter Roy Halladay dropped a no-hitter on the Reds in the 2010 NLDS. Halladay is pitching tonight, and was on the mound last year to start the 19-inning game.

*Miguel Cairo is 5-for-15 lifetime vs. Halladay, Xavier Paul is 2-for-5 and Chris Heisey is 0-for-1, while Drew Stubbs is 3-for-12 and Todd Frazier is 0-for-1. I’m sure the matchups play a part in the manager’s decisions to feature the lineup.

*If you’d like, I will be on MLB Network’s “The Rundown” talking Reds a few times between 3-5 p.m. ET today. Check it out.


I don’t know about having Leake bat ninth in that weak lineup. Bat him 7th or 8th he will drive in a run long before Cairo or Mesoraco in this game.

How has Bryan Ludwich done against Holiday?

Bryan Ludwick???? Come on man, if you write on this blog you should at least know his name is Ryan……….

Pretty sure I said Ryan

Sorry, I really thought his name was Bryan. At least Derin Meseroco just hit a double I want to beat the phillies so bad.

Sometimes looking at matchups goes too far. Ludwick and Frazier are two of our hottest hitters and they sit against a pitcher the quality of Halladay. Is this the lineup we can expect in the playoffs when we face whoevers ace. I can imagin a lot of major league stars have it hard against Halladay but their managers still play them. I just shake my head and wonder how Dusty keeps winning. The main point i guess is that he does keep winning.

Good luck, i think they will need it tonight.

After Cario got his 1st homer of the year and got a pinch hit RBI triple he can continue to get base hits.

Cairo is 38. Held together by duct tape and rubber bands. I’ll shave my head if he gets a base hit tonight against Halladay.
Dusty has been making all the right moves so far this season lets see what his magic does with this lineup of .250 sub hitters does.

I’m ok with not starting Ludwick or Frazier. They know they are hot, no need to have them struggle against Halladay and get down on themselves. Plus, those guys rake on fastballs, Halladay doesn’t throw anything straight. I’m fine with it, let the other guys get whiffed.

Couldn’t agree more Curt! Good time to give them break.

didnt frazier play both games saturday and played sunday? its a four game series im sure ludwick plays the next three!

Is Chapman available to pitch tonight if needed? He has pitched the last 3 days.

Frazier needs some time off. For a young man like Frazier, tonight off after a day game and night game tomorrow, this is like three days off. This is the best side of Dusty, what makes him a “players’ manager”.

today the whole team decided to take off. worst game of the year for the reds so far. absolutely dreadful pitching and our mendoza boys hit just like their numbers. very predictable outcome of this game.

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