Hanigan picks up Reds in ugly win

The Three Stars from a Reds 5-4 win over the Cubs:

No. 3 star: David DeJesus, CHC — 3-for-4, RBI double, two runs scored.

No. 2 star: Mat Latos — 8 ip, 6 H, 4 R, 2 ER, 3 BB, 6 K, 114 pitches/70 strikes. Latos, who is unbeaten in six starts since July 18 and 5-1 with a 2.10 ERA in his last 11 starts, had to settle for a no-decision but deserved better. There were three errors committed behind him, including two that led to runs — one of them the tying run in the top of the eighth. Latos also extended his hitting streak to four games with a RBI single in the fourth that gave the Reds a 4-1 lead. He was not pleased with his performance.

“Not at all. I was spotty here and there,” Latos said. “I didn’t have control of the fastball. I didn’t have very good command of the slider or the curveball. I got by with what I had today. I think a lot of it had to do with Hanigan behind the dish with what he was calling at the right times. I didn’t have my best stuff but he was good behind the dish today. He knew what was going on.”

Ryan Hanigan felt Latos was solid all day.

“We’re working well together,” Hanigan said. “He’s really on board. He’s not shaking. A couple of times when he does shake, I agree with him. We’ve got a good thing going right now and that’s huge to be on the same page and not fighting each other. I thought he pitched fine. He made a mistake to DeJesus on a 2-1 heater. He hit a double. Other than that, we could have gotten out of a bunch of innings with some groundballs.”

No. 1 star: Ryan Hanigan — 2-for-3, 2 RBIs. After Xavier Paul pinch-hit with a leadoff triple on the first pitch from Shawn Camp, it was Hanigan who ended the game on the very next pitch with a RBI single over the head of the drawn-in center fielder. Hanigan also had a sac fly during the three-run bottom of the fourth and threw out the potential go-ahead run trying to steal third base in the ninth.

“I get pitched around sometimes but that is part of the game,” Hanigan said of his day offensively. “I try to have good at- bats when I have the opportunity. I had two today and fortunately it worked out. It felt good to drive in a few runs.”

News and notes:

*This would qualify as an ugly win, with the three errors that let Chicago back in the game. I will have much more on this when the final version of my game story is posted, but the defensive mistakes made lately are seriously irking manager Dusty Baker.

“One of the best general managers I was under, Al Rosen, was more upset on an ugly win than he was on just a regular loss,” Baker said. “You want to make sure you don’t continue to play like that. But you don’t want to stress it so much that you put undo pressure on the situation and make it worse too. It’s a fine line.”

*There were some positive moments on defense. After a Zack Cozart error on a throw to first base in the eighth, Todd Frazier immediately fired the ball to third base and threw out Luis Valbuena after he rounded too far from the bag. In the ninth, Hanigan made a perfect throw to throw out Brett Jackson trying to steal third against Aroldis Chapman.

*Xavier Paul is batting .389 (7-for-18) as a pinch-hitter. I wrote about Paul today as well.

*Jay Bruce has an eight-game hitting streak after a 2-for-4 day. Bruce is batting .406 (13-for-32) in that stretch. Bruce also committed an error in right field trying to catch Valbuena’s drive to the warning track.

*The Reds, which had a 5-2 home stand, are 9-1-1 in 11 series since the All-Star break.

*The Reds had their GABP single-season record 13th sellout on Sunday with a crowd of 41,615 fans. The four-game series in three days vs. the Cubs drew 146,937.


“We’ve got tons of Gold Glovers on the team. We’ve got guys who work their tails off at batting practice every day. It’s one of those things that happens. It’s two games. We pride ourselves on defense. A bad bounce here or bad throw there, it’s going to happen. It’s how you bounce back. Were we disappointed? Of course. But it’s really about getting W’s in the column. We took three out of four and our defense will be fine.” — Todd Frazier


Hanigan is too good to be underrated!

I agree totally! He is a very solid #8 hitter.

Reds are getting sloppy defensively of late. Several games in a row now where the gloves are showing holes. Is it fatigue or it laziness, or lack of focus? The only way bailey and leake are successful #4 and #5 pitchers is having rock solid defense behind them.
Stubbs is getting closer and closer to a demotion and he rapidly approaches the Mendoza line. Heisley is to good to ride the pine when the person in front of him is batting .228
Cozart, has been hit and miss this year. I’m not a fan yet but we could be worse off. I still would like to see Billy Hamilton get the September call up and see how he fits in at short.
There is a bigger story with Votto that they are keeping under wraps. Not sure what it is but his 2 minor surgeries are taking a long time in rehabbing. My prediction was September 3, but reading the most recent post has me wondering if he will be back by mid September.
Chapman has become hittable. Need to give him a week off to rest up. Let Marshall carry the load for a week so he can regain form.
Redmond was less than impressive. I am guessing since he got the call he will still be called back in September when rosters expand.
Hanigan is awesome, however, Mesoraco is a mess. He needs more triple A ball to sort out the hole in his bat.

Another Note. Why has Miguel Cairo not been released? He is what 38 years old and plays skill positions and is batting .170? Something I don’t know about this guy? He gave the Reds 2 decent years but he is aged, plays tired, and is no longer clutch defensively or offensively. Bring up a young guy who at least has speed that will help us with some energy going into september and hopefully the playoffs.


Nobody in triple A deserves to come up to the big leagues nobody is having a good year. Even Didi and Henry Rodriguez are still learning and showing their not ready but should get called up for sep. But billy hamilton should not come from double A after a little over a month even though i would call him up in sep to run but not to start at all and people complain about stubbs but his defense is much better then heisey the errors may not tell whole story theirs been plenty of times where heisey has been just out of reach of balls heisey is a left fielder and hes not getting time out there for a reason he had time to out perform ludwick and he didnt his overall game is not an upgrade over what stubbs does not saying he wont develop into a better player but hes not
showing it this year

Defense is good, speed is excellent, but if Stubbs is going to bat .230 we need someone else at least pressuring him in the form of another player competing for that position. I agree on Hamiltion, he would only be a fill in for the shortstop position and or second from time to time. 2 of our catchers in Triple A would out perform Mesoraco one of them being captain clutch: Corky Miller.
Look at the number of players we have that are batting below .230. That is a serious playoff problem. One is ok if say they are a superstar defense wizard. For the sake of argument lets say Stubbs is a golden glove center fielder (which he isn’t. He is good but not great). That still leaves us Cairo, Mesoraco, and fast approaching is Cozart that that sad, dismisal Mendoza line. We can not afford to carry so many players not hitting the ball.

No worries on the defense today, as the two gems late in the game are plays that championship clubs look back on.

Andi think cairo is having a pretty bad year but their is nobody to replace him with other then paul you have a team that has the 2nd best record in all of baseball and players in triple A who cant even hit .270 down there ill take the potential cairo brings over players that are under developed look at frazier and votto who spent there time in the minors and there doing great and even heisey and cozart but mesoraco looks like hes lost on offense and fans were saying he should have been up last may but now saying he needs time in minors

I think cozarts going to be pretty good hes putting up some really good rookie SS numbers other then rbi’s but that could be from leading off which he shouldnt be doing right now and it should move hamilton to center where hes more fit ton of errors right now in minors and possibly trade stubbs in future but thats at least a year from now although i think they may trade Didi unless frazier replaces ludwick and cozart to third and Didi to short but i dont think hes as good on offense but he plays great defense

They wont release Cairo, but I don’t think he will be on the playoff roster come October. Assuming that Votto comes back and Paul continues to collect pinch hits.

Good point. Forgot about that, if Votto didn’t shred his knee and actually returns this season. Cairo has to be on the hot seat for who gets sent down or released. I am thinking he wouldn’t take a demotion to AAA. Yeah, the Reds shouldn’t make to many changes no need to but we do need another batter if we are going to go deep into the playoffs and I am talking besides Votto. How many teams in first place heading towards the play offs have starting players with such low batting averages? Average isn’t everything I know, pitching is. Our pitching staff isn’t looking indestructible of late either. I think it is just fatigue so I am hoping we shut down our starters as much as possible for september and mix in some youngsters to give them breathers. Even our bullpen is starting to look tired and Chapman definitely needs some time off to rest just like Broxton had need of.

I don’t think Cairo will even get demoted/released. I am assuming Votto won’t come back until September, so they won’t need to remove anyone off the roster. That way Cairo would remain on the team, but he wouldn’t have to be on the post-season roster.

And as far as pitching goes, Masset should be back in September, so if he can get into mid-season form that would be a nice addition to the bullpen.

Fatigue I am sure is a big factor. What many fail to realize is that the Reds are near the end of a 47 games in 48 days stretch since the All-Star Break. So yeah everyone is fatigued. However following this stretch which ends a week from Wednesday, they don’t play more than 6 days in a row untill the last 9 days of the season when they will play 9 in a row. That will give the team a nice strectch where the Starters will get an extra day of rest between every other start, and along with September callups will allow everyone to get fresh before the playoff push. Hopefully Votto will comeback healthy at some point and will have enough time to get into a groove. The Reds have a very tough 10 day stretch starting tonight with 4 at Philadelphia (who has played better, and have to face Halladay, Lee and Hamels, Thursday game of Cueto vs. Hamels should be a great game), 3 at home vs. St. Louis, and then 3 at Arizona. If the Reds can get through this stretch while keeping a 6+ game lead in the division, They should be able to concentrate on resting players and getting them focused for the playoffs in the month of September.

I am headed to the game tomorrow night in Philly, hopefully Bailey can regain his form from earlier in the year.

You guys can want Billy Hamilton up all you want, but the Reds do not even have him on their 40 man roster. This is a guy who the Reds need to get fully developed before he comes to the Majors. The management is going to have to determine his position and let him polish that up. We don’t need to rush him up and completely destroy our number 1 prospect.

of course we want him. speed is rare and a quality base stealer is even rarer. you think the Reds will waste developing him until he loses a step? I don’t think so. I am pretty sure the Reds only have 39 players on their 40 man roster, or I just dont know who they replaced on the Broxton trade.

When Massett comes off the 60 day dl he will be added back to the 40 man

that is right. I forgot about Massett. I wonder if he still has it? well again that is what september if for as well.

After looking at the 40 man roster i counted 40 guys on their with Ryan Madson and Nick Massett on the 60 day DL. So when he comes back from rehab, the question becomes who the Reds are going to take off the roster or designate for assignment.

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