Votto talks about setback

I will have more later on Reds.com/MLB.com but Joey Votto spoke to the media Tuesday for the first time since the setback and second surgical procedure on his left knee on Friday. Votto believed he was progressing well.

“It’s completely different,” Votto said. “The first time, it probably took me a week and a half to get to where I am now. It was a very minor procedure. I feel OK. I’m just frustrated, wishing I was playing and stuff. That’s been the hardest part of this whole thing.”

At time of the setback, Votto felt like he was getting close to coming off of the disabled list. He admitted to becoming overzealous and pushing things.

“I hurt it sliding,” Votto said. “It wasn’t a bi-product of any of the strength training stuff or any of the medical stuff or any of the things that I ran myself through – baseball or physical therapy. I banged it sliding. I’ve slid a thousand times. Before I played, I was hoping to get a round of that stuff in. I happened to re-injure it doing that.”

Votto said he wouldn’t return unless he is 100 percent healthy, and has no timetable. He won’t avoid sliding or other things that could pose a risk in order to speed his return to the lineup.

“I’m not going to come back until I can do everything that I have to do as a ballplayer,” Votto said. “I’m not comfortable coming back not being able to play defense or be able to break up a double play or be able go from first to third. I’m responsible for myself once I step on the field. If I can’t take a guy out and it costs us a run or something like that, that’s something I’d have a hard time looking my teammates in the eyes and be able to explain myself. I’m accountable for myself as a player. Whenever I come back, I will be.

“I just want to be healthy the next time I go out there. I’m very happy the team is playing extremely well, playing better than when I was out there. Maybe they don’t want me back in the lineup. The next time I come back, I will be 100 percent ready to play and do everything before I was hurt.”

One thing benefitting the Reds is they are 19-8 since Votto went down last month. They entered today with a five game lead over the second place Pirates. While they certainly want him back, the club can avoid rushing him back…which is obviously something Votto is not comfortable doing.


How about as a pinch-hitter if he’s not 100%? Not many clubs would have that luxury. In other words, Joey could help us tremendously WHILE he’s healing.

His injury is of a nature that playing on it. Running, hitting, has the potential to end his season. There Reds aren’t going to jeopardize 10 years for a playoff chance this year.

I tell you what…once he comes back….bat him leadoff. All problems will be solved by doing this.

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It’ll be great to have Votto back in the lineup, but there’s one thing that bothers me. While Votto was out the slack was taken up by 3-4 players…Ludwig, Phillips, Frazier, and Hanigan. Rolen is due back shortly, so where do the Reds put Frazier, certainly one of the 4 that kept this team winning during Votto”s absence. It would be a shame to see him back to a part time player on the bench.

I think it has become obvious at this point that Rolen is a part time player at most. Pinch hitter sub the young guys from time to time. If I had to guess he will retire at the end of this season and he is just trying to get through.

Yeah, Rolen is going to be the odd man out! I’ve been screaming Frazier since February and now you cannot question him being in the lineup EVERYDAY! He is the NL rookie of the year bar none if the season ended today. His bat and energy need to be in the lineup everyday! I just don’t get why everyone keeps worrying about the offense? Does anybody else realize that it’s the pitching that is totally carrying this team??? When our pitching staff has given up an average of 3.65 runs per game so far this year, you don’t need to have the best lineup in baseball. Power is what this lineup is all about and games like last night are an exact example why the mix they have right now between hitting and pitching is one of the best in baseball. You add Votto back to the lineup and it only opens things up for everyone else in the lineup! You can’t be serious that anything bothers you about JV coming back into the lineup. I think you are the only Reds fan that would say such a thing Shoey. Frazier will not be sitting on the bench!

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