8/14 vs. NYM

Reds lineup vs Mets

Cozart 6
Stubbs 8
Phillips 4
Ludwick 7
Bruce 9
Frazier 3
Valdez 5
Hanigan 2
Latos 1

*The Reds have Johnny Cueto and TBA listed for both games of Saturday’s doubleheader vs. Cubs. Either way, it’s possible that the rotation’s streak of only using five starters all season will end.

*RHP Nick Masset, who has been out all season with a shoulder injury, is slated to make his latest rehab outing when he appears for Triple-A Louisville at Charlotte on Wednesday. In six appearances spread over AZL, Class A Dayton and Louisville, Masset has a 2.70 ERA with one walk and nine strikeouts.

*The Reds 22-8 record since the All-Star break is best in the Majors.


Remember when it was an absolute travesty that Chapman wasn’t in the rotation? Those were some fun days….

Touche, Curt! Ha! I would venture to say that we may see Sam LeCure make the spot start vs Chi-town?? Additionally, I was thinking the other day what a bust it turned out to be with the Rolen/Encarnacion trade! Oh Well!

I will take Rolen and his bad back over Encarnacion, his attitude, and the hole in his glove. Everyone knew the guy could hit but everyone also knows he is a terrible defensive player as well.

Encarnacion is hitting like .295 with 30hrs and like 80rbis. I would not take Rolen over him at this point, but when the Reds made the trade I sure would have. Encarnacion has also dramatically become a better defensive player. When he was a Red he had such a slow swing too, he was worked hard to become a better player and I’m not going to take that away from him. But Frazier may be a different story…..I think I would rather have him than Encarnacion. The spark that Frazier gives this club is second to none.

Hey Curt,I was defniitely one of those people saying that. But do you remember when you said Frazier wasn’t even a mediocre player? Starting or out of the bullpen, Aroldis would help this team a ton. You can’t say that you would not like to see him starting games! But to ever say that Frazier was a medicore player has been totally blown out of the water. The kid is far from a mediocre player, he’s about to be the NL rookie of the year! I’ve been telling you that he had the ability to do that since the beginning of the year. We both did question his defense, but he has been lock down solid at 1st filling in for JV and did well at 3B. Not Rolen like at 3rd, but who is? He plays a decent LF too. Just saying, We all say some things that we will regret and I admit, out of the pen has been by far the best role for Chapman this year with how are SP has pitched. I’m still worried about your boy Homer, he needs to have a good start tonight, because it’s been a while since he has done that. Keep it going Reds!!!!

Has anyone seen any indication Reds are thinking of getting another lefthand hitter,like Overbay—boy they are playing great can not wait to see Joey V back and ready to add his production.

If Rolen can’t go, and this is the 7th day the Reds have played shorthanded without him, maybe it is time for a backdated DL visit. I hate to say this but even Willie Harris would be of more help right now.

You’ll see Navarro back up here before you would see Harris.

I agree. They could probably even put Navarro at First Base if they needed to. Willie wont be back until September call ups

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