Kudos, Marty

Even though I am away from the ballpark, and Cincinnati, I managed to watch a live feed of Marty Brennaman getting his head shaved. I knew Marty would go through with it and I thought he actually looked pretty good with his new do.

Most importantly, Marty took a fun frivolous thing and turned into a worthy, touching cause. Not only did a large sum get raised for the Reds Community Fund, he brought attention to the Dragonfly Foundation and his moment with the three kids on the field was incredibly moving.

I’m always proud to know and work around Marty, but I was especially proud from afar on Friday night.

Here’s a link to the Shave Marty event:



Marty looks better bald!!!

True class as always from Marty! Well done Sir

Best thing he’s ever done – would we do it, under the same circumstances (and appear in public afterward)?

Of course I would do it. I know Marty likes his hair but, he isn’t attached to it. At least not anymore. hahaha

Monday pm: It was great to see the Reds win those first two games this weekend, and the loss yesterday wasn’t demoralizing. But. I worry that this team still (as in, the past three years) struggles to hit good pitching. I know, that’s what makes the pitching good, but it’s the Burnett’s of the league the Reds are going to have to beat to advance in the playoffs.

I keep waiting for myself to get upset about yesterdays loss, but I just can’t. And I think we are ok max. What you say is true. But when you are missing your best two hitters, you really can’t count that in the category of not being able to hit good pitching. Now if that happens when everyone is back, ok, then we can say that.

Have to give some props to Charlie Sheen as well on matching Marty’s contribution. Well done Charlie!

It’s like you or I pulling a five dollar bill out of our pockets to contribute.

Least Valuable Player of the game goes to Dioner Navarro. I’ve never liked that guy ever since I was in Tampa and he played there. Swings at ball four which probably cost us a run. If he walks, we score. Then the next guy hits a sac fly, now it’s at worst 5-4. Then in the bottom of the eighth he has a terrible passed ball which results in a run for the Brewers.

Weds. am: what’s the latest on Votto’s return?

They said on the radio last night that he was hitting and running and it looks like he wants to play. Jocketty and Baker however said he won’t play on this road trip. The only thing he hasn’t done is slide. I would expect him back for the homestand against the Mets.

Ok, Mark, here’s what you missed: the world came to an end, then started up again; we got further evidence that Frazier and Ludwick have to be in the lineup every game; and it was proved that Chapman could pitch effectively (to say the least) three days in a row. Frazier’s getting talk re: rookie of the year. Are we sure he qualifies? If he played, what, fifty games last year, no longer a rookie, or something like that? I assume someone looked it up. Anyway, Buster Olney gave him a plug this morning on Mike and Mike.

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