Back Aug. 14

Yep…I’m taking a vacation, a real one and not for just a series. So I leave it to you to enjoy the games and to make hopefully constructive comments — whether they are positive or negative. I will be very curious to see where the Reds are when I get back on the beat.

Take it easy and thank you.


Enjoy it Mark! We’ll hold down the fort!

I might just do my own three stars on my blog and link it on here. We’ll see.
Going to the game tonight, game #16 on the year.

Hey…this is baseball season. Why would a baseball writer take a vacation during baseball season? Why not during football or basketball season? An ice cream man doesn’t take a vacation during the summer.

How many ice cream men do you know?

Ha ha, have a great time. I knew an ice cream man once, his job was a vacation. :p

Anyone know anything about Phillips status for tonight?

Baker said he may or may not go. The team is riddled with injuries so it’s time to play hurt.
Seldom does Baker play Rolen in a day game after a night game, but that’s what happened
yesterday. Valdez is improving and I suspect he will start. Votto and Mesoraco out. We’ll have to wait and see about lesser injuries and who plays.

More vacation time? Are you hiring? Seems like you had half of July off.

Very surprised that Dusty still has not posted his lineup yet for today!

Cozart SS
Stubbs CF
Ludwick LF
Rolen 3B
Frazier 1B
Heisey RF
Cairo 2B
Hanigan C
Latos P

Ohhh Dusty….

in dusty we trusty

That’s the exact lineup I predicted in the other thread. Best lineup Dusty could have put out there today! GO GET EM REDS!

I have followed Marks Blog over the years and though I appreciate his love of the Reds he simply doesn’t write enough about the team to be the main blog link from I’m sorry to say it but I am finding more and more entire games go by without a posting. Now he is taking a vacation right in the beginning of our most important series all year. I like you Mark and no disrespect but the Reds need a fulltime blogger who can post on every Reds event and game.

I don’t see what the big problem is. We still get game stories and all of the other information on It’s not like Mark only works 6 months out of the year. Covering a MLB team is a year round job, and Mark does a fantastic job. I am sure Mark would like to be able to spend a little bit of time with his family, not sure if he has kids or not that woukd be returniung to school in the next couple of weeks.

Better of Red!

I wish I could see the games here but I am outside of the us at the moment. I would have loved to have see Mccuthen play. Was it intentional or what it one of those feigned hit by pitches where the hitter is doing all of the acting? Chalk one up for the Reds baby. Chapman strikes out two to close the 9th with yet another save and more importantly another win for the Reds.

It was a great game tonight. The Reds go to 24 above 500 and 4 1/2 up on the Pirates. I think this is truely a special ball club. Marty the voice of the reds is a class act and a man of his word. He and the old lefthander will always be the great voices of the Reds Thanks Marty for all you do for the Reds, the community fund and the city of Cincinnati.Marty Brennaman. Thanks Mark for helping us follow the Reds.

inexcusable. A beat writer doesn’t go on “vacation” in August, September, or October. Get real! The Reds are in FIRST PLACE!! I will no longer be reading the blog of a lazy beat writer…..

Mark, I am sorry for writing this comment. You are awesome! Have a safe and fun vacation and we all look forward to your return.

Vacation? Seriously?

Well I definitely do not agree with Davids comments there and I see Mark’s point. I think maybe the issue is with MLB. They don’t want equality in baseball that much is obvious so smaller market teams like Cincinnati don’t have the resources to put up a full time blogger. There are lots of great things happening around the Red’s organization right now and the generic MLB front end just doesn’t work for us as well as some of the other big league markets.

I for one would love to blog for not only the Reds but for the entire organization. I’m certain that there is 8 hours a day worth of interesting things going on but like Mark, I wouldn’t and couldn’t devote that kind of time into it without a fair salary. (by fair I mean a livable wage; I could be had for say $10.00 an hour).

I would love to hear more about Billy Hamilton, the prospects the Reds gave up for Broxton, the community leader and team leader that Jay Bruce is becoming. Cover stories on all our outfielders and some information coming in from our scouts too.
Now if anyone in the Red’s organization is listening…. call me and there is no maybe in that.

You guys bitching at Mark are a bunch off assholes! People are allowed to have a freaking personal life…..good lord guys. Never seen a bunch of dudes cry about another man going on vacation.

I get a vacation every week – it’s called the ‘weekend.’ It’s not just that some of you want Mark to work all summer – you want him to work 7 days a week all summer.

It’s not that we want him to work 7 days a week. He was off several days in July and here we are with the biggest series of the year and Mark is on vacation. There is plenty of time to take off in the winter. It’s a pennant race! We are not in them that often!

Cmon Dave, in 3 days you could be saying the same thing. “This is the biggest series of the year.” Would you rather Mark be here for this past series or the first series of the freaking playoffs? Seriously guys cmon, the man is on f*u*c*k*i*n*g VACATIONS! Every comment you guys type make you look like bigger and bigger a$$holes. Nice series Reds! KEEP IT UP AND GOOD LUCK!

And calling us ***holes because we have a different opinion is real classy!

Sorry Dave, but if your going to complain about a beat writter being on vacation during the Reds/Pirates series, well you’re being an a$$hole about this situation. I’m not saying you are one in general, because I do not know you at all. I’m just saying you guys are all being very selfish by getting on Mark for going on VACATION! Think about it guys for one second PLEASE. When do you have to plan a vacation???? Uh yeah…IN ADVANCE. Looking at the schedule before the season, do you really think Mark thought the Pirates/Reds series was going to be a crucial one? Better question, would you have thought it was going to be a crucial one? I didn’t think so…. I mean cmon man!!!!

BP back in the lineup on 8/6/12 vs Brewers:

1. Zack Cozart (R) SS
2. Drew Stubbs (R) CF
3. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
5. Ryan Ludwick (R) LF
6. Scott Rolen (R) 3B
7. Todd Frazier (R) 1B
8. Ryan Hanigan (R) C
9. Bronson Arroyo (R) P

Shake it Off Reds. Things are looking good with Cueto on the hill tonight. Keep fightin boys!

It’s not about Mark guys…its the fact that MLB and/or Reds aren’t serious about their online coverage. You can call people a$$holes all you want, but they’re right. Unfortunately, Mark gets caught in the middle.

Would the NFL run their websites like this? No way…

Thanks APC! Glad someone else sees BOTH sides of this. It’s sad that we have a part time blogger on a team in first place. Mike Welsh wants to talk about this part of the schedule would look like a good time for vacation. Well, now that we have lost 3 in a row, I guess it’s not a good time. You never know in baseball! But more importantly, GO REDS!!

So if Mark was here blogging, we wouldn’t have lost 3 in a row?

No Mike. Just saying I know you plan a vacation in advance, but you can’t base it on what part of the schedule we are in like you said in an earlier post. We can be beat at any time just like we did on Monday and Tuesday. There is a lot going on with this team and the MLB can’t have someone full time to cover them is crazy.

Most jobs won’t let you take a vacation during peak time. Take it in November!

Been on a lot of blogs in my day, but this has to be the dumbest argument I’ve ever seen.


Why are we still on this? We are still getting stories on the main page! People complaining about their not being anything on the blog is stupid. People have the right to take time off whenever they want to. GET OVER IT AND LETS MOVE ON!!! Go Reds!!!

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