8/2 vs. SD

Reds lineup vs. Padres

Paul 7
Stubbs 8
Bruce 9
Rolen 5
Frazier 3
Cozart 6
Cairo 4
Hanigan 2
Cueto 1

UPDATE — Dusty Baker on his bench and healthy player situation:

“Yeah, we’re real short. We were short yesterday,” Baker said.

*Wilson Valdez’s availablity is in question again as he’s still bothered by a stiff neck. There hasn’t been real improvement.

“Not much. It’d be a better chance if we had a night game tonight vs. a day game after night,” Baker said. “It hurts him to slide, that’s when you get jarred. That’s when it goes up and down your vertebrae…like I tell them in spring training, we’re going to need everybody if we’re going to win this thing. So far, we’ve been pretty fortunate as far as having to call on everybody.”

*Baker said this last night regarding Ryan Ludwick…I’m sure you read in my game story because you all read everything I write two or three times a day🙂 ….

“We want to keep him on fire,” Baker said of Ludwick. “He’s not old but he’s not a spring chicken either. We have to monitor his workload so he can stay strong and stay fresh.”


Ludiwck is on an absolute tear!!!! Why is he sitting today? WTF????

Hopefully when BP is healthy he will be in the leadoff spot for the rest of the year. Cozart in 5-7 hole is perfect!!!! This should be our lineup when both BP and JV are healthy.


Hello. What is the deal with Cairo? The man can’t bat. He is always a sure out. The last time he got on base, it was because he allowed a wild pitch to hit him. Why does Dusty insist on playing him?

No other option at 2nd today with BP and Valdez both out bro…Don’t you pay attention at all?

I am not talking just about today, smart-a…

Ludwick is out because he is 1-8 with 4 strikeouts against Ohlendorf. Cairo is the only able body available to play second, with Phillips sitting with calf strain and Valdez sitting with a stiff neck. Cairo is only in their because of no other option. Phillips and Valdez’s injuries are not bad enough to warrent DL, but to say the least this team is short staffed today.

We have been bashing Dusty and his line-ups all year, but I must say I am done questioning. I may not agree with his decissions, but they are working. Could be dumb luck, but this team keeps winning against diversity and Dusty has to behind that to some extent.

Reds are playing and winning against DIVERSITY: you know, they keep using white guys like Rolen, Ludwick, Frazier and Stubbs!

WHen Votto comes off the DL Dusty should keep Paul on the big team and designate Cairo for assignment. A left handed bat off the bench is more important right now than being loyal to Cairo.

It is not Dusty’s decision. Walt Jocketty makes all roster decisions.

Even with Ludwick only 1-8 against this pitcher I would still have him in there with how hot he is. 8 at bats is a very small sample size. How far will Heisey fall in the depth chart now he is behind Paul. Paul has done good up till now but I still think Heisey should be the 4th outfielder.
Even if Valdez injury is not serious enough that he needs 15 days I would still DL him so we do not have to play 2 men down. He is not good enough to worry about losing him for the extra games. Almost anyone at AAA would be a better option than Cairo at this point. This game is important. It is a game in the standings with the Pirates off today and it is important for momentum going into this weekend series. We also need to do better than split a series with the Padres.

DL Valdez and bring up Didi Gregorius. Cairo is a versatile player but he’s slow footed, slow to react and has no stick whatsoever. Heck he couldn’t even lay down a bunt last night, trying to jab at the ball instead of just letting it hit the bat. I like trying Paul out at lead-off though. Cozart is becoming known as a dead pull hitter who can’t lay off breaking balls. This makes him putty in the hands of most major league pitchers. I’d love to see stats on how many 5-3 and 6-3 groundouts he has.

Rodriquez would be the guy to come up if anybody is DL’ed

The Reds are winning consistently with almost any lineup Dusty runs out there. Yet every time the lineup is posted people are complaining. If this was a basement team I could see lots of second guessing and complaining, but our guys are IN FIRST PLACE. The players all seem happy and cool with Dusty, the results definitely reflect that things are going great…the only people complaining seem to be “fans”. It would be nice if a lineup was posted and people would just say “can’t wait to see the Reds kick ass today.”

I totally agree with Jackson. I love to come on this site and read Sheldon’s tidbits, but every time I scroll down the page another unhappy fan has something negative to say. We have the best record in the majors for crying out loud! Sure we have some holes, but what team doesn’t? Enjoy the team and quit trying to second guess professionals like Baker and Joketty.

Dustology is working now which it did no work earlier. Again I say we are winning because of pitching plain and simple. Our offense is just good enough, but has been much better because Ludwick has stepped up along with Phillips. But the rest of this team is still struggling including Bruce. I do question Dusty on this lineup saying Ludwick can have a rest all he wants when Votto or Phillips returns, but not right now. He is not that old. he needs to be honest stating Cueto is pitching and is why . Oh and Frazier can play 2B. So then its just finding a 1B man.

I know its crazy. But Mike Leake played 1B a lot in college and he hits a lot better than Cairo. Unlike Dusty I like to think a little outside the box on options when left in this kind of spot.

Lyle Overbay was DFA’d Monday, interesting left handed bench bat

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