Deadline day

As of this post’s writing, we’re at 4 1/2 hours until the 4 p.m. ET Trade Deadline. It looks like we can just about cross Shane Victorino off of the Reds search for a leadoff guy. My colleague Todd Zolecki, and others, are reporting that the Phillies and Dodgers are close to a deal that would send Victorino to L.A.

UPDATE — Victorino is done deal

Last night, 1B Lyle Overbay was designated for assignment by the D-Backs. Overbay, batting .292 this season would fill the perceived need for a left-handed bat off of the bench. But Overbay was in a 2-for-18 funk in July and the Reds seem to be pretty pleased with Xavier Paul at the moment. It probably wouldn’t take much to get Overbay, however.

There have also been reports from Ken Rosenthal that the Reds are talking to the Cubs about Matt Garza. However, Garza is shelved until after the Deadline because of a fluid in his triceps and he’s making $9.5 million this season and third-year arbitration eligible this winter. At 5-7 with a 3.91 ERA this season, would he be a big enough upgrade over what the Reds currently have to give up the prospects or more in return? I don’t think so.

Stay tuned…


If those are the only options I would say stay with what you have. LOL

What 2r2d said.

I say stand pat in the rotation.

I agree, but I would still take Span if it happened. Garza is a dominant pitcher. He could come in and take Leake’s spot and win us some games. Is he overall better than Leake? No. But if we had to go to Garza in a playoff game, I think I would be more comfortable with Garza. Make sense?

I don’t see any deal being made. They’ve already got good offense that can’t crack the lineup and Stubbs is beginning to show his offensive tools. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if they do nothing.

On a good note, at least the Pirates and Cardinals are not getting any of the players being dealt now.

This is an absolute joke. The umpire is complaining because an index brushes across his chest protector? Are you kidding me? He should have gotten the middle finger instead. When Pete Rose was ejected and subsequently suspended for “bumping” an umpire, it was instigated by the umpire putting a finger in Pete’s face, striking his cheek. MLB does nothing to discipline umpires…And, without a question, it is way past time for this. When the same umpire continues to blow calls over and over again, and when they incite a situation, they should be disciplined and it should be made public — just like with the athlete. This should have been and could have been completely avoid if Fairchild had simply walked away. He did not and incited the situation. To suggest, Mark, that a player should be disciplined for this encounter is a joke, too. Obviously, MLB pays your salary, as well, and objectivity is not a real strong suit here. I was a writer for 11 years, covering the Reds for 8. I was a member of the Baseball Writer’s Association. This situation, in no way, warrants a suspension of the player. A reprimand? Maybe. But that reprimand should be placed on both the player and the umpire. Simply said. Simple enough.

My objectivity is fine. Apparently it’s not a strong suit to you because I do not agree with you. The bottom line — umpire told player to go to clubhouse. Player kept arguing. Player and umpire came into contact, even with manager in the middle trying to calm it down. Players don’t get to touch the umpire..fact and bottom line. Ask any fellow objective reporter and you would get the same answer. And if you ever covered the Reds, how come I’ve never heard of you?…I’ve heard about lots of former writers and your name has never come up.

Why don’t you do something that an “objective” reporter and “competent” reporter would do then, Mark, and look it up and do a little research. I know that may come as a surprise to you, but that is the way it “used to be” done. Sportswriter of the Year in Kentucky. Covered the Reds for 8 years. Only member of the Baseball Writers Association to be from Kentucky. Covered the Reds when Rose broke Cobb’s record. Now, that being said, I didn’t work for I wrote for a newspaper that won a Pulitzer at the time, I was there. And, I won AP Awards and many state awards. So, instead of acting like Fairchild, why don’t you simply walk away and admit when you are wrong …. how about it….

Well Gene, obviously you cannot be objective about the Reds because you criticize anyone that writes something against a Reds player. Obviously I think I am being objective. And just because I’m going against the Reds on this particular issue, then it must be because I write for and get a paycheck from MLB? Your logic stinks.

I can’t find any of your credentials Gene? Why don’t you give a website link that shows your credentials?

Did you look it up, Mark? If so, an objective reporter would recognize the “facts” and post an apology for your inference that there was misinformation in the first post. There was no misinformation. I only pointed out the fact that I was a former reporter that covered the Reds to give credibility to my comments. Yet, instead of confirming the facts, you simply question a person’s ethics. I don’t think that is either fair or professional, either. But, then again, I guess the ethical behavior of some reporters has changed throughout the years.

Secondly, there was opinion in the post, which I understand is encouraged in these environs. And, both you and I can agree to disagree on opinions. I disagree with yours. Doesn’t mean that either one of us is right or wrong. But, unfortunately, I think MLB will suspend the kid for an altercation that should have been avoided and should have been the responsibility of both player and umpire. And, instead of just simply adopting some old, arcane excuse for suspension, I think that MLB and others — including you — should look at the facts and determine a fair and equitable punishment, if one is warranted. If you claim that one is warranted, then I think both parties are equal in blame and should receive the same penalty. I suggest a reprimand for both and I don’t think that destroys the integrity of the game.

Now, to the subject that certainly has you the most irritated:

Finally, I think “objectivity” is a legitimate question, since you work for the same organization that employs the umpires. If I am wrong about that fact, I will stand corrected. Obviously, that strikes a cord with you. But, in my time, writers were not employed by the league, by MLB, or by the players. They were hired by newspapers and/or broadcast organizations. I guess you could question “objectivity” of those persons, too, but I think most people would recognize that those institutions had no “appearance” of being anything less than objective. I think a write that works for the same organization that employs umpires has, at the very least, an “appearance” of being less objective. Just an opinion, Mark.

I have not written to your website before and I doubt that I will again. But I think you should endeavor to be a little more professional when you reply, and, at the very least, should do a little research and investigation into the “facts” before you question another person’s ethics and resume. I don’t think you will find that anything that I have written is less than factual or has the “appearance” of being less than objective.

All the Best

Wow lol who cares right now, it’s the trade deadline.

Yeah Gene, either can I. How about some kind of website with some of your writting. No reason to get on here bashing Mark for his opinion. Which honestly has plenty of validity. Fairchild just stood there as Meso pretty much went crazy on him. Fairchilds strike zone was terrible. As I sat there watching the game in the first, I was thinking to myself that it was going to be a hitters game, because he was giving no corners at all! I’m happy Meso stood up and said something. I like seeing a young kid stand up for his team like that. But he touched him, plain and simple, and the rules say not to touch the umps. A suspension is warranted, so I really don’t understand what your arguing about. Fairchild is an a$$ and we all know that. He’s cocky and flat out one of the worst umps in the league, but he did nothing wrong yesterday besides his strike zone.

Gene, just honestly do us all a favor and knock it off and stop readinG the blog. You obviously don’t like what Mark has to say or some of his opinions, so whats the point to get on here and read it. There’s plenty of us out here who love being involved in this blog on a daily basis because we DO enjoy what Mark brings to the table. He puts in a lot of work to run the site and is entitled to whatever he wants to write about and his opinion on that subject. To get on hear and blow him up about his opinion or his ethics is downright juvenile. Keep up the good work Mark, there are plenty of us out here that really do appreciate it. There have been times where you and I have not agreed in the past….aren’t you happy I don’t act like this when it happens…LOL!!! LET’S GO REDS, START ANOTHER WIN STREAK TONIGHT!

Ever try to be an ump or a ref before? You can only stand there and get ripped on so much before you say something back. You aren’t suppose to, but it’s human nature. The ump didn’t defuse the situation, but he didn’t do anything to warrant getting bumped into either. A player CANNOT touch an official, bottom line, suspension.

This Gene guy makes me long for the posts from Gary=====Reed=====.

Broxton rumors came out of no where LOL

It was just reported that we traded for Broxton, but it was not said for who.

Could be we traded a starter as Redmond was seen in the Reds clubhouse.

Who is it Leake or Bailey?

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