According to, the Reds made a trade with the Royals to acquire reliever Jonathan Broxton with less than an hour to go before Tuesday’s 4 p.m. ET Trade Deadline. Broxton is 1-2 with a 2.27 ERA with 23 saves, 14 walks and 25 strikeouts in 35 games as Kansas City’s closer. It is not known who is going from the Reds to the Royals in the deal, first reported by Ken Rosenthal.

A 28-year-old right-hander, Broxton is making $4 million this season and can be a free agent this winter.

It is a stunning move for the Reds, considering their already strong bullpen depth and performance this season. Cincinnati’s bullpen entered the day leading the Majors with a 2.66 ERA and 20 victories.


Always good to add depth in the bullpen, but seems a little odd. I wouldn’t be suprised if another trade is anounced shortly.

Great pick-up. The bullpen needs shoring up. Arredondo and Ondrusek have shown signs of weakening. Broxton adds depth and an established closer. You trouble-making reporters can also ask Baker if he is considering making Broxton the closer so Chapman can move to the bullpen.🙂

Yeah I think Logan may be heading to Minnesota in exchange for Span….Reds might have to throw in something else as well, but we will see…Hope it’s not Stubbs!

I would take Ondrusek to the Indians for Shin Soo Choo.

Sounds like JC Subulrben was sent in the Broxton deal

It’s the 2012 version of the Nasty Boys with Chapman, Broxton & Marshall. If the Reds can take a lead into the 7th, this addition should slam the door shut on opponents.

I heard we gave up Brandon Larsen, Ray Olmedo, and John Vander Wal. Hope we win this deal.

Joseph and Sulberan for Broxtan, 2 top prospects to improve what was already a strength and leave our bench unimproved. i do not understand this but then again it is not my job to understand things like this.

aint joesph a releif pitcher? there are a few better prospects pitching wise then jc in our system and i think walt will eventually add another veteren after the year is over, aint no sense letting a prospect rot in the minors, joesph i believe is a left hander but he is releif pitcher and so is broxton, ill take major league closer over that dont u think, so it may not be that bad!🙂

I absolutely love this trade.

Another closer option for next year. Can also help this fall if you are “all in”. I understand this one.

maybe broxten gets a chance to sign and close next yr and chapman starts next year and marshall remains set up?

BINGO!!! Don’t be suprised to see Chapman moved to the rotation even sooner than that!

regardless of record i still think reds need a impact bat to go deep in the playoffs providing he is not a rental weve got good quality “plug Ins” already, i know its not fantasy baseball but i woulda loved hunter pence, span victorino pierre types aint enough to just throw in this line up. i wonder if reds might be intrested in taking a flyer on sizemore even though hes injury prone, not saying hes the impact player but if it worked out it could be nice!

It appears to be a good deal for the Reds. I see Bray went the DL and Redmond I believe that’s his name) was brought up. Somebody has to go down to AAA with Broxton coming in. What’s the clarification on that?
Ken Rosenthal, early on told about this trade and didn’t have any names. What he did say was another possible trade was also in the works.

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