Broxton deal, moves

Reds announced that they got RHP Jonathan Broxton from the Royals for two minor leaguers — LHP Donnie Joseph and RHP JC Sulbaran.

Broxton is 1-2 with a 2.27 ERA with 23 saves, 14 walks and 25 strikeouts in 35 games as Kansas City’s closer. A big 28-year-old right-hander, he is making $4 million this season and can be a free agent this winter.

LHP Bill Bray was placed on the 15-day DL with lumbar muscle strain. RHP Todd Redmond recalled from Louisville. RHP Andrew Brackman was designated for assignment. Redmond, who has yet to pitch in the big leagues despite two callups to both Atlanta to Cincinnati, is here to be insurance in case a long man is needed after the bullpen was used for 7 1/3 innings Monday.

Sulbaran, 22, is 7-7 with a 4.04 ERA in 19 starts with Double-A Pensacola this season, with 111 strikeouts in 104 2/3 innings. He was rated by as the Reds’ No. 5 prospect. Joseph, 24, is 8-3 with a 1.72 ERA in 44 games between Pensacola and Triple-A Louisville this season. had him as the Reds organization’s No. 7 prospect.

The Reds were efforting a leadoff hitter throughout the day but did not pull the trigger. They were rumored to be after Denard Span of the Twins and Shane Victorino and Juan Pierre from the Phillies. Span and Pierre stayed put while Victorino went to the Dodgers.

“Very hard,” Reds GM Walt Jocketty classified the efforts on pursuing leadoff guys. “We worked very hard on a couple of those guys. In the end, we felt those deals weren’t what we were comfortable doing right now.”

Dusty Baker on Broxton:

“He’s a guy that closed in L.A. and was a closer because [Joakim] Soria got injured in Kansas City,” Baker said. “Here’s a guy that can setup. On days Chapman goes two or three days in a row, he can close. It gives us some more strength and a power arm in the bullpen.

“We said in spring, you can never have enough pitching.”

FYI — Broxton will wear No. 50 once he arrives on Wednesday. That means another roster move will be pending to add him to the 25-man.

I will have a full story on the Trade Deadline shortly on


Panic move in my opinion. Broxton has not been great this year. Just traded 12 years of relief help for 2 months of “used to be good but at least he’s experienced.”

Totally disagree. Just traded for a veteran, proven reliever, for two guys that may never make it.

I agree with Curt. shhh, don’t tell him I said that.🙂

I agree with Curt. Broxton’s stats: 2.27ERA, 1.4 WHIP, 23 saves.

Guess how many homers he has given up this year? 1…yeah 1!

Joseph and Sulburan are a bit too much in my opinion though for something that is not a “need”. Those were two of our top 10 prospects!

Agree with Curt how many prospects actually end up making it… All along everyone wants to go for it but as usual when they make a deal to get stronger there are complainers…. leadoff now should be Brandon when Joey comes back put Ludwick at 4 and go for it

Think about how tough this makes an already good bullpen.

I was really hoping that they could somehow trade Heisey/Stubbs plus a couple minor league players for Span. It’s not out of the question that Pierre or Overbay could clear waivers in a deal in the next month either.

Two things – I think this essentially rules out Massett come back this year and I think Jock is doing this with the hopes that either Brox or Madson will resign after the year’s end… I’m personally a fan of making your strengths stronger and letting your weaknesses work themselves out so I like the trade…

We don’t have a starter in AAA that is ready to make a start if we need him. So I’m thinking Masset will come back and we’ll send Simon or LeCure down to get stretched out in case they are needed later this year.

If they send someone down to stretch out it will Probably be Sam LeCure. He has started for us in the past and still has options. Not sure if Simon has any options left. I like the move that we made. It didnt do much to mess with this Team’s Chemistry. Getting Joey Votto back will be like getting a middle of the line up hitter and moving Phillips back to lead off takes care of that problem as well.

I will repeat what I posted on REDSMINORLEAGUES.COM :

I am stunned. This move is beyond dumb – it is idiotic. My faith in Walt (which was strong) is shaken to the core. This team is NOT better in the short run and is worse in the long run. MINDBOGGLING

Riddle me this Batman. How does this move improve this team for this year? Check out Broxtons’ stats before you tell me he is an upgrade over what we already had. Above average walks per nine and below average SO’s per nine. He is a FA after this year and we gave up Joseph and Sulbaran for him?! Maybe he can bat leadoff AND cleanup and be the lefty bench bat.

Fans always overvalue prospects. DoJo was most likely a year away, and he projected as a decent relief pitcher. Sulbaran is not all that special. If you want to win in the National League, you need pitching. Name an O from a contender that really scares you. Wash? Pit? LA maybe? I just don’t see the need to overreact about losing two decent minor leaguers. We still have Corcino, Stephenson, and Cingrani. At least we didn’t get fleeced by Minnesota for Span.

Sulbaran was the Reds’ #5 prospect, Joseph #7 with a bullet. You can’t, seriously, see this as a good trade.Spin it any way you want – this was a lousy trade for now and the future.

People place too much importance on unproven, minor league players. You can’t expect to gain without giving up something.

Tell me what Minnesota wanted for Span – I haven’t heard. Until I know what the give-back was porported to be I can’t say if it was a ‘fleecing’ . No rumors please.

Don’t have a specific name for you — but they very much wanted starting pitching…both prospect and established.

Ok. Leake and Ondrusek plus another prospect. I don’t mind the overpay so much as in what they were paying for. Upgrade or stand pat. Broxton is not an upgrade.

Fans would have went crazy If Walt had traded Leake, Ondrusek, and a top SP prospect for Span. That would have been a huge overpay for the Reds…and Broxton helps shore up the bullpen for the post season. Good move.

My take is this:

Walt couldn’t get a preferred move done and feared the PR blowback if he did nothing. He decided to further gut the system in another overpay situation in order to appease the average, unknowledgable, fan. From a knowledgable, informed, fan I say thanks Walt.

I was disappointed that the Reds didn’t get their lead-off hitter, however I believe this was a solid move. Everyone will complain that they gave up too much but in reality it was two minor leaguers who were unproven in the majors. The asking price for Span was more than Jocketty was comfortable giving up. Had he made the move, people would be asking for his head. He still improved the club by adding pitching…something you can never have too much of. Sure Broxton may be a rental but he gives bullpen depth going into the post season. As close as games have been here lately Chapman can’t go out every night.

Again, what WAS the asking price for Span? Any one, that doesn’t know what the Twins’ wanted, can possibly opine with any shred of credibility unless they are an insider. If you are an insider your objectivity has been sacrificed at the door. I don’t suggest that the additional player offered up for Span be a TOP SP prospect. I wouldn’t do that either. I am talking about a ‘B’ level prospect and not necessarily a pitcher. Also, again, Broxton is NOT an upgrade. The knowledgable fan is aware of this. The bullpen has been the best it has been in years and wasn’t crying out for improvement. The team has very big needs in 3 areas – NONE of them addressed with this move.

Oh, and yes, the games have been fairly close lately. More production from the top of the order will, or would, have helped with that. Instead we get an 8th inning pitcher. Yes, GREAT move.

walt panicked, and got suckered. Can’t believe Stubbs is still on this team. ONe good week a season seems all he needs to have

Stupid stupid comment. Drew Stubbs is a five tool player my friend and has shown a lot of improvment at the plate this year. He has cut down on the K’s a ton. The kid is legit and I don’t care that he is hitting .235. He is the best defensive CF in the NL, possibly all of baseball.

What a bunch of armchair know it alls. How many of you applied for the position of General Manager & President of the Reds? There had to be a reason you didn’t get the job. By the way, the last time I looked the Reds were in first place.

Mark, is there still a possibilty to send Broxton to Philadelphia for Juan Pierre sometime this season, or would they both have to clear waivers?

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