7/31 vs. S.D.

Reds lineup vs. Padres

Heisey 8
Valdez 6
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Rolen 5
Frazier 3
Mesoraco 2
Bailey 1

*Not sure what to make of Stubbs being out of the lineup today and if that’s significant regarding the 4 p.m. deadline.

**UPDATE — Stubbs is 1-for-6, with five Ks lifetime vs. Padres starter Jason Marquis, so a day off is understandable, even with the small sample size..


And Cozart? Gulp..

NEWS FLASH…Span declines a trade to the Reds. MLB just announced.

I have not seen anything that says that, and I don’t believe that Span has a no-trade clause or the ability to decline a trade.

I saw that on ESPN. But I didn’t think Span would be able to decline trades either. Like he’s that good….LOL

If we give up Stubbs to get Span though, it’s one of the worst moves Walt has made in a long time.

He didn’t decline the trade. Let’s get Shin Soo Choo.

Have you heard anything about Mesoraco being suspended?

Reds get Broxton from KC. Maybe move Logan or another RP to get Span. Hopefully it’s not Stubbs. Aroldis to the rotation???? Haha I really like them getting Broxton.

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