11 walks, end of win streak

You knew the winning streak would end at some point but I did not think it would be on Monday with a 11-5 Reds loss to the Padres. After all, Cincinnati was off to a quick 3-0 first inning and seemed to firing on all cylinders like in Houston and Colorado.

A five-run top of the second inning came immediately vs. Mike Leake and he got a quick hook after a career-short start of 1 2/3 innings. Read the rest of the game story by clicking here.

On to the Three Stars of the Game:

No. 3 star: Jay Bruce — 2-for-3, HR. Bruce hit homer No. 21 in the bottom of the third inning.

No. 2 star: Yonder Alonso, SD — 4-for-5, 3 doubles, 1 RBI.

No. 1 star: Will Venable, SD — 2-for-4, triple, 4 RBIs.

News and notes:

*Devin Mesoraco was ejected in the third inning for arguing balls and strikes with HP umpire Chad Fairchild, and is likely looking at a suspension for both touching Fairchild’s chest and going around Dusty Baker and making contact during the heated argument. Fans have pinged me saying Fairchild instigated the contact but I didn’t see it that way after watching the replay four times. Even if the chest touch was accidental, and likely was, Mesoraco went around Baker to keep arguing and bumped the ump — and that is the big no-no. Contact with the umpire like that is never OK.

*Reds pitchers combined for 11 walks, smashing the previous season high of seven. It was the staff’s highest total since they walked 12 batters on 5/16/09 in a 16-inning game at SD (16 innings) and their highest total in a nine-inning game since they walked 11 vs. the Cubs 9/27/04 at Wrigley Field.

*Alfredo Simon, who had been so good and came in with a 1.41 ERA, gave up five runs over 2 1/3 innings. He hadn’t allowed an earned run over his previous 14 innings.

*Bill Bray gave up three walks to load the bases in the fifth but got out of it and worked a 1-2-3 sixth. Bray has 14 walks and six strikeouts in only 8 2/3 innings this season.


“It definitely didn’t go the way that we planned. I think you want to get that early lead and go out there and throw strikes and get some easy outs that next inning. After a team scores, that’s a very big inning for a pitcher. You want to shut them down the next inning and keep the momentum going for your own team.” — Devin Mesoraco


I have a question for you Mark or any of your readers that are knowlegable about such things. When Mesoraco is suspended can the Reds call up a catcher for the duration of the suspention or will they have to send someone down to bring a catcher up and play with 24 men on the active roster?
Thanks for any help on this.

I watched the game on TV and I don’t believe Leake was getting a number of strikes called, hence the walks he gave up. Because of that I believe he was going in further over the plate, which allowed the hitters to rack up the hits.He’s a control pitcher who walks less than 2 over 7-8 innings. I believe the same may have happened to Simon. Finally, I believe this was one of those rare games where the umpire(s), to a great extent, controlled the outcome.

They do have to play with 24 players. I don’t know about sending someone down and bringing up a catcher. I would think they could do that.

It is my belief that would have to play at 24, like they did when Cueto was suspended in 2010. The difference is the Reds would still need a backup catcher. And that means adding someone (Navarro or Miller) who are not currently on the 40-man roster.

Unfortunately then beyond losing Mesoraco for however long his suspension is the Reds stand to lose someone off their 40 man roster to make room for either Navarro or Miller. This could have far reaching detrimental effect to the team. A difficult situation to be sure.

We have no young catchers in single or double A on the 40 man roster? I’m sure we don’t, but I think Grandal was in that sitation last year? I mean, if we did, it would be smarter just to bring him up and not lose the guy from the 40man roster.

Dusty did not handle the day well when you look back at it. The trainer checked on Mesoraco beasue his body lanagage was off the inning before. Dusty did not see what was happening on the field with his catcher. Also watch how Chad Fairchild walks around infront of Mesoraco – pushing the issue and yells at him. We all want the close calls but from my seat, which was behind the plate & close he missed calls and was an ass about it.

Fairchild has been and always will be an A$$! In my opinion he is the worst ump in baseball. He is just that cocky dude that just loves the power that he holds and will use it against anybody at any time. Meso finally snapped and I applaude him for standing up for his team and his pitchers. That strike zone last night was down right horrible!

I know nobody knows whats going to happen to Devin Mesoraco but has their been any similar incidents like this one in the past few years? And if so what happened to them?

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