No timetable for Votto

Joey Votto, who had arthroscopic left knee surgery on July 17 to repair torn meniscus, began a little baseball activity on Monday — very little. Votto played catch for a little while and took some throws at first base.

Afterwards while in the dugout, Votto said he has not started hitting and is not yet 100 percent when running.

“I feel like I’m making subtle improvements every day,” Votto said.

Votto would not put a timetable on a return, despite being asked multiple times.

“I’ve done nothing but try to get back as soon as possible,” Votto said. “It can be difficult sitting on the sidelines and watching the team play well or play poorly. Obviously, I think they’d like me to stay out another 10 games so they can have a 20-game win streak. It’s difficult watching the games and not being able to play. I miss playing so I do everything I can to put myself in a position where I can play as soon as possible. Some things you just have to let go. This is one of those instances. I have to let my body do all the healing it can.”

Votto was asked if he was pain free during his rehab activity.

“If it was pain free, I would be playing right now.”

I will have a little more later on


Mark, do you think J Votto might be returned to the lineup a little later/playing fewer innings if the Reds keep winning at this pace? Would J Votto allow it? As the Reds have a long term interest in a long term healthy Votto, would they epand Dusty’s Rule from one more game to one more week?

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I’m not sure what the rulings are concerning umpires. Number 75 needs glasses or something. There should be something that can be done during the game if the umpire misses strike calls as badly as this gentleman did during the Padres/Reds game. His attitude about the calls being questioned is deplorable and if he can’t do his job any better than this….he needs to find a different line of work. If a pitcher misses he gets pulled out and replaced…the same should apply to umpires if both managers of the opposing teams agree. Something to think about.

PLEASE take your time JV

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